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Chapter 17 Vocab

Chapter 17 Vocabulary

Demobilization Sending members of the army home.
GI Bill of Rights Provided WW2 veterans with education and employment aid.
Baby Boom Increase in birth (1945-1965).
Productivity The rate @ which goods are produced and services preformed.
Taft-Harley Act Restricts the power of labor unions.
Fair Deal Truman's program to expand New Deal forms.
Interstate Highway Act Authorized the spending of $32 billion to build 41K miles of highway (1956).
Sunbelt Name given to the region of states to the South and Southwest.
Service Sector Business that provides services rather than manufactured goods.
Information Industry Businesses that provides informational services.
Franchise Business Allows company to distribute products/services through reatail outlets owned by independent operators.
Multinational Corporation Companies that produce and sell their goods and services all over the world.
AFL-CIO Unite in 1955
California Master Plan Offering education to all of the citizens.
Consumerism Large-scale buying on credit.
Median Family Income Measure of average family income.
Nuclear Family Ideal/typical household with a mom, dad, and children.
Rock-and-Roll Music orginated in the gospel blues tradition of African Americans.
Beatnik Small group of writers and artists who were critical of Americam society (1955-1964).
Inner City Old part of the city with crowded neighbors; where low income minorities live.
Urban Renewal Gov't programs for redevelopment of urban areas.
Termination Policy Ended all programs monitored by the Bureau of Indian Affairs; ended fed. responsiblity for the health and welfare of Native Americans.
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