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chapter 10

Louisiana territory

What did Jefferson want discovered from the expedition to the Louisiana Territory? He wanted: 1)scientific information about plants,animals and people 2)accurate maps and other geographic information 3) the Northwest Passage
What problem troubled Jefferson about his purchase of Louisiana? The Constitution did not empower the president to buy land.
Judicial review 1) It allows the Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional. 2) It increased the power of the Supreme Court. 3) It made the Supreme Court the final interpretaion of the Constitution.
The Embargo Act of 1807 1)It banned all U.S. merchant ships from sailing to foreign ports 2) Kept the United States out of the Napoleonic Wars 3)American farmers and merchants suffered no trade.
What issues existed between the United States and Great Britain before the War of 1812? 1)The British were interfering with American trade by seizing American ships and sailors at sea 2)
Created by: smorlino