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The New Deal

New Deal Vocab for Mr. Sal's US History classes.

African-Americans who served in FDR's upper administration Black Cabinet
FDR's programs to try and end the Great Depression New Deal
FDR's plan for Relief, Recovery, and Reform of the US Economy The 3 R's
Men age 18-25 buit roads, parks, and helped with farms during New Deal Civilian Conservation Corp
Giving aid to the needy Dole
Financial support from the government Subsidy
Aimed to help rural Appalachia Tennessee Valley Authority
FDR's main process of communicating his ideas to the people Fireside Chats
Effort to organize tennant farmers in the South Southern Tenant Farmer's Union
The effort to organize workers and allow for collective bargaining Unionization
Allows for small group to negotiate for all workers in a factory or industry Collective Bargaining
FDR set standard for presidential action early in administration 100 Days
Radio Priest who advocated "social justice" and monetary reform Father Charles E Coughlin
Political leader who plays tothe fears of the people Demagogue
LA Governor and Senator, critic of FDR Huey Long
Treating others differently due to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, SES, etc Discrimination
Government standards, control, and/or oversight of private sector Federal Regulation
Government spends more that it brings in Deficit Spending
FDR's attempt to spend money to get the economy working again Pump Spending
Private ownership of gold in the US was outlawed Executive Order 6102
1936 Summer Games held in Berlin "Nazi" Olympics
Created by: dsalvucci
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