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Revolutionary War II

People of the American Revolution

Which famous member of the Sons of Liberty wrote news articles for the Boston newspapers attacking the Stamp Act? Samuel Adams
Who was the silversmith and patriot who is famous for traveling from Charlestown (near Boston) to just beyond Lexington warning the people that the British were coming? Paul Revere
Who was Paul Revere’s less famous friend who rode another route to warn the people that the British were coming? William Dawes
Who was the Boston patriot who served as president of the Second Continental Congress? John Hancock
Which patriot, a talented writer, scientist, and diplomat to other countries, was appointed the country’s first Postmaster General? Benjamin Franklin
Who was the king of England at the time of the American Revolution? King George III
Who was the British General who fought in the southern colonies? He finally surrendered at Yorktown, Virginia, ending the fighting of the American Revolution. George Cornwallis
Who was the brave commander-in-chief of the Continental Army whose leadership and perseverance helped the colonies win the American Revolution? George Washington
Which influential Boston patriot was a member of the Continental Congress and a founder of the Committees of Correspondence? John Adams
Who was the Virginia delegate to the Second Continental Congress who was chosen to draft the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Who was the wife of General George Washington, who supported the Continental Army throughout the war and helped comfort and nurse sick soldiers at Valley Forge? Martha Washington
What was the nickname of Mary Ludwig Hays, who was most famous for taking water to soldiers during battles? She also helped load cannons and fought for her husband when he was wounded. Molly Pitcher
Who was the woman who disguised herself as a man so she could fight in the war? Deborah Sampson
Which woman, who was a poet and playwright, encouraged women to boycott goods from England, such as tea? Mercy Otis Warren
Which slave, who wrote poems to encourage fair treatment for all people, urged the colonists to end slavery? Phillis Wheatley
What was the name of the lady who, according to legend, was asked by George Washington to sew the first American flag? Betsy Ross
Which famous diplomat was also a printer and inventor? Benjamin Franklin
Once a war hero, who was branded as a traitor for trying to inform the British of the plans of the Colonial Army? Benedict Arnold
One of the first colonists to sign the Declaration of Independence, who wrote his name in large letters so that 'King George would not need his glasses to see it.'? John Hancock
What was the name of a leading commander of the colonial navy? John Paul Jones
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