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Lesson 32 Vocabulary

cartography the science and art of making maps
colonies a territory, often very large, under the political and economic control of another country
detrimental something that does harm or damage
epidemics an outbreak of a contagious disease that spreads quickly and over a wide geographic area
inflation a rise in prices, often due an increase in the supply of money
capitalism an economic system based on investment of money for profit
market economy an economy in which prices are determined by the buying and selling decisions of individuals in the marketplace
cottage industry a small-scale business in which people produce goods at home
mercantilism an economic policy by which nations try to gather wealth by establishing colonies and controlling trade
policy an overall plan, especially of a government
Main reason for Europeans to travel to Asia the desire to find new trade routes to Asia to acquire spices
Reasons monarch especially wanted a sea route to Asia Muslims controlled land routes and sometime closed them and goods went through many hands reducing profits.
caravel A new ship design being small, fast, and easy to maneuver.
Henry the Navigator Sent explorers to sea almost every year an started a school of navigation.
Portuguese explorers brought back... gold and enslaved Africans.
The colonization of new lands caused... the demand for more laborers to increase.
Ferdinand Magellan was the first to sail around the world.
Spanish explorers brought... sweet potatoes and pineapples to Europe.
Spanish conquistadors Spanish adventurers
What was one technology the Aztecs did not have in their fight against the Spaniards? gun powder
Many explorers were looking for what? passage to the Pacific Ocean so they could get to Asia.
What effect did the defeat of Spain have on Europe? The power shifted from Spain to England and the Netherlands.
What policy did many European countries enact to grow their power? They turned to colonization by which they received raw materials.
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