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Ga. History

TVA *Tennessee Valley Authority- Built dams on the Tennessee River to control flooding and generate more electricity.
PWA Public Works Administration- Put people to work building roads, buildings, and other projects.
FDIC *Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation- individual savings accounts so that people did not lose their money if banks failed or closed their doors.
WPA Works Progress Administration- Employed out-of-work Americans to repair roads, build or repair bridges, paint murals, and write Guidebooks.
AAA Agricultural Adjustment Act- Grants (price supports) of money from the government went to property owners rather than to the tenant farmers, who were black.
SSA *Social Security Administration- Created a system for retirement and Unemployment insurance.
REA Rural Electrification Act- Loaned $300 million dollars to extend power lines throughout the south.
SEC *Security Exchange Commission- Regulated stocks and gave stock information
FHA *Federal Housing Admission- Insured home loans for low-income families
NLRA *National Labor Relation Act- Guaranteed the right of employees to organize and to bargain collectively with their employers. Created the National Labor Relations Board to hear unfair labor practices.
Boll Weevil Small, grayish bug that destroyed cotton.
Great Migration When people moved to the north due to droughts to find jobs in factories.
Causes of Great Depression People borrowed more then they cold repay, high tariffs, overproduction of products, and the stock market crash.
Black Tuesday October 29, 1921. The day that the stock market crashed.
Warm Springs, GA. The place where President Roosevelt came since he thought the mineral water would help his polio.
Richard Russel Jr. Because governor of GA. in 1931. Combined state offices and boards of trustees of state colleges, and served 39 years in the US. Senate.
Eugene Talmadge Became governor of Georgia in 1933. His main support came from rural voters. At first, he did not like New Deal programs and tried to get rid of them in Georgia.
Carl Vinson Served for 25 consecutive terms in the US House of Representatives, and brought much military funding to Georgia’s economy. He was known as the father of the two-ocean navy due to his promoting a strong national defense.
Lend Lease Gave Great Britain and the Soviet Union weapons, ships, and supplies in exchange for cash and military bases. The United States entered WWII when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
The Holocaust Name given to the systematic extermination (killing) of 6 million Jews by the Germans. The effect of this on Georgians was to force many to reexamine the policy of isolationism (not taking part in the affairs of other nations).
Georgia contributions to WWII Over 320,000 Georgians served in the military, B29 Superfortress bombers, Brunswick made 99 "Liberty Ships", Savannah made 88.
Military Bases in Georgia Fort Benning, Camp Gordon, Fort Stewart, Hunter Air Field, Warner Robbins Air Field, Fort McPherson, Fort Gillem, Fort Oglethorpe.
POW Camps in Georgia German, Austrian, and Italian prisoners were held at Fort Oglethorpe, Fort Benning, Fort Gordon, and Camp Wheeler.
War Effort's Effect on Georgia Returning soldiers got low-cost house loans, role of women changed, economy was propelled out of the Great Depression, and more of Georgia was engaged in manufacturing.
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