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The Puritans

Chapter 5 Vocabulary and Definitions

Anne Hutchinson She was banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony for preaching her religious ideas.
John Winthrop He was the first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Anne Bradstreet She was America's first poet.
Massasoit He was the Sachem of the Wampanoag people. He wanted to be friends with the colonists.
King Philip (Metacom) He was Massasoit's son. He brought all the tribes in the area together to fight the colonists throughout New England.
England A country across the Atlantic Ocean. The Puritans left this country because they disagreed with the King's religious beliefs.
Salem This was the first town the puritans built when they arrived from England. It later became the sight of the Salem Witch Trials. It is still a city on the North Shore.
Boston The place where puritans settled. They named it Boston because many of them had come from a town named Boston in England. The town became the capital of Massachusetts Bay Colony. It is the capital city of Massachusetts today.
Massachusetts Bay Colony The land the puritans settled along the coast of Massachusetts Bay (the water). It includes the towns of Boston and Salem.
Maine It was once part of Massachusetts. It is now its own state.
Banished To send away. Anne Hutchinson was banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony.
Brand To mark by burning. Punishment for breaking the law.
Pillory A wooden frame into which a person's head and hands were locked. Punishment for breaking the law.
Apprentice A person who lives with a craftsman and learns his skills.
Blacksmith A person who shapes iron into tools and other items.
Gristmill A place where grain is ground into flour.
Hornbook A wooden paddle with a sheet of paper attached to it that had words printed on it. These were used in schools to teach the puritan children.
Loom A machine that weaves thread or yarn together make clothes.
Merchant A person who made a living by trading goods between the colonies and different countries.
Militia A company of soldiers who protect a town.
Muster A gathering of the militia to practice shooting or to be inspected.
Pewter A type of tin used to make spoons, forks, cups, bowls, and pitchers.
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