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The Liberal Reforms

Pre WW1

What year was the liberal government elected and by what? In 1906 the Liberal Government was elected by a landslide (a large majority).
Up to the year 1900, what would most politicians (including Liberal politicians) said that governments should do? Leave matters such as health care, poverty, education, etc to charities and individuals themselves.
What were the five reasons the Liberal Reforms were passed? 1) Increasing information on poverty 2) The Boer War 3) Influence from important individuals who believed the poor needed help (Churchill & David Lloyd George) 4) National efficiency - an effective workforce 5) Political rivalry
new info on poverty) who was supplying information to the government about the poor? Famous social reformers such as Rowntree & Booth.
What other organisation was helping and what were they doing? The Salvation Army was collecting information as well as running training courses for the unemployed.
Who else was doing similar work? Many other charities + the goverment's own civil servants
Statistic you should know about the wealth in Britain during this time: In 1906 the top 10% of the population owned 92% of Britain's wealth.
boer war)in what years was Britain at war to defend it's own territory and where was this? In the years 1899-1902 and this territory was in Southern Africa.
The British recruits who volunteered to fight? Half of the recruits who volenteered to fight were found to be unfit for service. In some poor areas, 69% were unfit!
Why was this? Because they were so badly fed & ill.
What did the army have to do in order to find enough infantrymen? Lower it's required height for a soldier as too many men had not grown properly.
What did the government set up to investigate the issue? The Committee on Physical Deterioration and it's reccomendation influenced the Liberal Reforms.
Dis aint finised!
Created by: eloiseis
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