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the french revolutio

what are the causes of the french revolution? absolute monarchy, enlightenment, the american war of independence, the privelages of the nobility and clergy, the meeting of the estates general.
what was the meeting of the estates general? the 3rd estate refused to accept the vote on new taxes. they felt there should be one vpte per member. in june 1789 the third state formed a new group- the national assembley - to bring about change.
what was the tennis court oath? louis ordered the national assemblys meeting place to be closed down, so they met at a tennis court. here they swore an oath that they would not stop until there was a fairer system of government and taxes.
more on the tennis court oath... in august 1789 they passed the declaration if the rights of man and citizen. soon members of the 1st estate began to join the national assembly.
Created by: cliodhna