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US History SciTech

United States History Science and Technology STAAR Test

Science/TechnologyImpact on the US
Transportation Automobile provided accessibility and created jobs
Transportation Mass transportation systems facilitate access to jobs and recreation.
Transportation Air travel increased speed of transit and allowed for easier cross country and global connection
Transportation Cable cars and subways enabled people to commute to and from job centers and retail areas;raised standards of living by allowing people to have more housing choices
Electricity Light improved homes and allowed for a longer work day
Telephone & Satellite Communications Similar to the telegraph,these inventions brought people together by allowing information to be passed faster from one point to another;this allowed business to be conducted and managed from multiple locations at once
Manufacturing Electric power facilitated increased production in factories by lengthening the work day(light bulb) and powering machines
Petroleum-Based products Edwin L. Drake struck oil in 1859, enabling kerosene production and paving the way for future products such as gasoline
Steel Production necessary to build the transcontinental railroads which would be a major social & economic drivers in the US;greatly impacted the industrialization efforts in the early 20th century
Computers improves business' ability to innovate,reduce inefficiencies,& develop new products; capitalizing on computer's networking and computing capabilities, businesses developed new products to increase the standard of living
Technology Developed for Space and Military Improves Quality of Life; space exploration,GPS,cellular phones,plastic satellites,transportation innovations (ex: Velcro)developed for space travel has become an everyday item
Technology Developed for Space and Military Telecommunications developed for the military have led to the widespread use of cell phones and micro-technology; internet was developed for military use and now used worldwide
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