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Final HIS

17 Amendments

11 Federal courts do not have jurisdiction in cases against a state
12 Provides for separate elections for president and vice president
13 Abolishes slavery
14 Provides equality for all citizens; state governments must follow previously passed amendments
15 All males have the right to vote
16 Congress has the power to pass direct taxes, such as income tax
17 Senators are to be elected by the voters in their state; governor fills state senator positions if position opens during a term
18 Selling and drinking of alcoholic beverages is made illegal (prohibited)
19 Gives women the right to vote
20 Beginning of President, VP and Congress terms in office begins in January; presidential succession can take place before Presidential inauguration
21 Selling and drinking of alcoholic beverages is made legal (allowed again, #18 was repealed or cancelled by this amendment)
22 Presidents may serve no more than 2 terms or a total of 10 years
23 District of Columbia is allowed presidential Electoral College votes
24 Eliminates poll tax (no required payment needed to vote)
25 Provides for presidential succession and filling a vacant office of vice president, if VP dies or his removed from office
26 Lowers voting age from 21 to 18
27 Congressional compensation increases may not take effect until after that congressional term is over (their pay raise doesn't go into effect until new term)
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