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US Migration

United States History Migration Factors & Consequences STAAR Test

Great Migration ~1910-1930 Push/Pull Factors African Americans moved north and west to seek employment in industrial cities,many followed friends and family.
Great Migration ~1910-1930 Push/Pull Factors African Americans moved north and west to escape racism,sharecropping, and tenant farming.
Great Migration ~1910-1930 Consequence of Event Urban populations of African Americans increased dramatically.However, still greeted with racism, housing shortages and crime.
Great Migration ~1910-1930 Consequence of Event Organizations, National Urban League & the NAACP, formed to help African Americans adjust, with some vibrant centers of African American culture, such as Harlem.
Westward Expansion Push/Pull Factors From the earliest settlements of the US,people have wanted to move west.Manifest Destiny was the belief held before the Civil War that America should reach from sea to sea.
Westward Expansion Push/Pull Factors The west is often seen as an area rich with opportunity for new beginnings. Overcrowding,lack of jobs,financial distress have often pushed people to move west in American history.
Westward Expansion Consequence of Event The government helped people move west through programs such as the Homestead Act which gave land to settlers in the later 1800's. Westward expansion cause conflict with native populations already there.
Westward Expansion Consequence of Event The government forcibly removed Indians to reservations to make room for expansion. Technological innovations,such as railroad, made expansion easier.
Rural to Urban Push/Pull Factors The movement from rural areas to urban centers began with industrialization in US history. As factories grew, so did opportunities to work.
Rural to Urban Consequence of Event Urbanization had created many challenges: safe adequate ,affordable housing; access to public service & education;high demand for transportation created pollution;tension between social classes
Rust Belt to Sun Belt ~1970's-1980's Push/Pull Factors Areas like Detroit,Michigan & Gary,Indiana,which had been the center for coal,iron,& steel, saw huge losses of population when factories closed. People moved south to the sun belt to find new jobs.
Rust Belt to Sun Belt ~1970's-1980's Consequence of Event Some of the jobs lost in the Rust Belt were due to manufacturing industries moving to Mexico and overseas. Workers had to find new careers.
Rust Belt to Sun Belt ~1970's-1980's Consequence of Event Industries like automobiles have needed government assistance to stay afloat. Many cities have struggled with Detroit declaring bankruptcy in 2013.
Legal and Illegal Immigration Push/Pull Factors People from around the world have been attracted to the United States since the beginning. Reasons include:our economy, education system, freedoms. Because it is so attractive, not everyone follows immigration laws.
Legal and Illegal Immigration Consequence of Event Legal & Illegal immigration have caused the growth of port cities & industrialization. The northeast has a very high population density;causing decrease availability of housing & land.
Legal and Illegal Immigration Consequence of Event Overcrowding can cause pollution & declines in the quality of life & health in cities. Nativism & other anti-immigration attitudes can be caused by illegal immigration.
Created by: PerkyPerk