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US History GeoCult

United States History Geographic and Cultural Influences STAAR Test

Settlement of the Great Plains Human Geography Plains Indians settled first;invention of steel plow made farming easier;The Homestead Act encouraged settlement.
Settlement of the Great Plains Physical Geography middle of the country extreme temperatures and climate (hot summers, cold winters) flat,wide open spaces=excellent for farming
Klondike Gold Rush Human Geography Thousands suffering from an economic depression left their lives behind in the late 1800's seeking to make their fortunes
Klondike Gold Rush Physical Geography Alaska was seen as a large and distant source of raw materials.
Panama Canal Human Geography The Us supported the revolution of this country & in exchange given permission to build this & control a territory 5 miles around it. The US gave back control in the 1990's.
Panama Canal Physical Geography 48 miles of international waterways between the Atlantic & Pacific Ocean that saves an 8,000 mile journey around the southern tip of South America.(Cape Horn)
The Dust Bowl Human Geography Farmers misused their lands by over planting & not rotating crops resulting in millions of useless acres which forced hundreds of thousands to leave their homes.
The Dust Bowl Physical Geography Years of sustained drought dried up the lands;winds carried clouds of dust & sand
Levee failure in New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina Human Geography Engineering Failure
Levee failure in New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina Physical Geography The wind & storm surge at high tide was overwhelming.
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