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Georgia History CRCT

Preparation for 8th grade Georgia CRCT

Which region of Georgia contains more than 50% of the population of Georgia? Piedmont
What is the main reason an entrepreneur would start their own business? To make a profit
What did Mary Musgrove do to help the early development of Georgia? She served as an interpreter between Oglethorpe and Tomochichi
Who was the first explorer to enter present-day Georgia? Hernando do Soto
Georgia's first settlement was made near the present city of... Savannah
The first step in the juvenile justice process is... Intake (the juvenile is taken into custody)
Georgia was settled in order to provide what 3 things? 1) A defensive border between British South Carolina and Spanish Florida; 2) More land and power for Great Britain; 3) a place to offer religious freedom.
The path taken during the removal of the Cherokee from Georgia is often called... Trail of Tears
Why were people from Africa brought to Georgia? To perform labor on plantations
What was the name of Roosevelt's program to fight the Great Depression? The New Deal
Which amendment outlawed slavery? The 13th Amendment
What happened to Leo Frank after his trial? He was taken from jail and lynched.
The infamous Confederate prisoner of war camp during the Civil War was located near what Georgia city? Andersonville
What is a "land grant university" like UGA? A university built on land donated by the federal government.
Who was credited with taking the first steps toward helping the Cherokee to read by developing a written language called a syllabary? Sequoyah
Between 1789 and 1840, which two large church denominations spread across Georgia? Baptist and Methodist
All the record from the Yazoo land fraud were burned in public in Georgia's capital city of... Louisville
Who were the first two African Americans to be admitted to the University of Georgia? Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes
What is the main goal of special-purpose governments? To provide a single (special) service to the citizens of an area
Which Union general led the "March to the Sea" which devastated much of Georgia from Atlanta to Savannah? General William T. Sherman
What was the main agricultural product grown in Georgia throughout the 1800's? Cotton
What effect did the development of Eli Whitney's cotton gin have on Georgia? There was a growing dependence on slavery.
Many local governments need funds in order to operate. How do states generate that revenue? They impose taxes and fees on local residents.
What is the primary function of Georgia's Legislative Branch, known as the General Assembly? To make laws for the state of Georgia
What effect did the 1996 Olympic Games have on Georgia? It generated large amounts of money for Georgia and showed the world that we had fist class transportation and facilities to accommodate such an important event.
Most of Georgia's revenue goes to provide... services for its citizens
Which region of Georgia is an area of gently rolling hills, usually located near the base of a nearby mountain range? The Piedmont region
What river forms the boundary between Georgia and South Carolina? The Savannah River
Why were literacy tests required at one time for Georgia voters? To prevent African Americans from voting
What did de Soto's soldiers bring to the Americans that proved disastrous to Native Americans? European diseases such as small pox and measles.
What insect caused cotton crops to drop by 75%, forcing many farmers to work in textile mills and/or to move north? Boll Weevil
Giving each of the three branches of government certain specific powers is called... Separation of Powers
Which issue did Eugene Talmadge support? White supremacy
How old must a person be to vote in Georgia today? 18
In what region of the United States is Georgia located? Southeast
Name the four cultures of Native Americans in the correct order. Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, Mississippian
What three items did Oglethorpe promise to produce in Georgia to send back to Great Britain? Cotton, Dyes, and Silk
Who were the three delegates from Georgia that signed the Declaration of Independence? Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, and George Walton
What city became Georgia's capital after Augusta? Louisville
What document did President Lincoln sign after the Union's success at the Battle of Antietam? Emancipation Proclamation
Which secret organization of whites was considered the most dangerous to African Americans? The Ku Klux Klan
What effect did the county unit system have on Georgia's counties? It gave each county's vote the same weight which actually gave more power to rural counties that had less population.
Which court case gave us the term "Separate but Equal"? Plessy v. Ferguson
What is it called when citizens have a strong sense of pride or loyalty towards their country? Nationalism
How did rural electrification (REA) help families in rural areas of Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee? If gave them loans to build power lines so that they could have electricity.
What term is used to describe a city with its own government? Municipality
What are the two dominant political parties in Georgia today? Democratic and Republican parties
What is the process by which a person from another country can become an American citizen? Naturalization
What did the 14th amendment guarantee? Citizenship and equal rights to all persons born in the US
How long is the term of a member of the Georgia State Supreme Court? 6 years
What are three things guaranteed to citizens as part of due process? 1) Right to have a lawyer; 2) Right to a speedy trial; 3) Right to remain silent
How many justices serve on the Georgia State Supreme Court? 7
Besides the boll weevil, Georgia cotton farmers have also been hurt by which weather condition? Drought
What word is used to describe the most serious criminal crimes? Felonies
Delinquent juveniles are those who... are under 17 years of age and commit acts that would be crimes if they were committed by adults.
What does a judge do during a dispositional hearing? Determines whether you are guilty or innocent
What is the maximum number of consecutive years that a Georgia governor may serve? 8
What document's purpose is to ensure freedom, liberty, justice, peace, and happiness for all of the citizens of Georgia? The Georgia Constitution
How many articles are in Georgia's state constitution? 11
To whom does the Georgia constitution give the right to control the government? voters
For what elected offices must you be 30 years old, a resident of Georgia for at least 6 years, and a citizen of the US for at least 15 years? Governor and Lt. Governor
What two things do both the Georgia constitution and the US Constitution have in common? They both have a Preamble and a Bill of Rights.
How many legislators serve in Georgia's house of representatives? 180
How many people serve in Georgia's senate? 56
What term means to "redraw the boundaries of elections districts"? redistricting
Name three international businesses that got their start in the State of Georgia. Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Delta Airlines
What was the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Education? The separate-but-equal policy was unconstitutional.
What term best describes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's methods for bringing about change? Non-violence (non-violent protests)
What three reasons caused Georgia to change it's state flag in 1956? It represented the past instead of the future, it was a symbol of slavery, and it damaged Georgia's tourist industry
In what area did Herman Talmadge make his greatest contributions as governor?
What was the purpose of the Sibley Commission? To study the problem of school integration.
Who was the first black mayor of Atlanta? Maynard Jackson
Where did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. deliver his "I Have a Dream" speech? The march on Washington, D.C.
Give three reasons that caused the Great Depression. Borrowing more money than could be repaid, speculation in the stock market, and overproduction of farm products.
What is meant by laissez-faire policies? The U.S. government did not do anything to solve the country's economic problems. They thought things would work themselves out.
Which New Deal program was responsible for such projects as Roosevelt State Park, Tybee Island's seawall, Augusta's Savannah River Levee, and Macon's airport? Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
The racial unrest brought about by the Leo Frank case resulted in the creation of a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan who called themselves the Knight of .... Columbus
What was the immediate cause of the race riot that occurred in Atlanta in 1906? Stories in the Atlanta newspaper of black people being violent against white people.
Created by: kdcollins