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Kings, Key Words and Babylonians

Sargon (of Akkaad) Created the first empire by defeating the Sumerian city-states. Became king by murdering the ruler of Kish, taking his throne and building his own army.
Shamshi-Adad (of Assyria) Built the Assyrian Empire into a trade and military.
Hammurabi (of Babylonia) Developed a code of laws. Created the Babylonian Empire and ruled all of Mesopotamia.
Nebuchadnezzar (of New Babylonia) Punished the Jews people severely when they refused to pay tax. Ruled an empire that was remembered for it's achievements in astronomy and math.(place value, divided an hour into 60 minutes developed more accurate calendars, and built temples, great city
Tiglath-Pileser 3 (of new Assyria) Began the practice of relocating rebellious people to another place.
epic a long poem about a super hero or hero
polytheism belief in many gods
nomad people who move with their flocks and herds
scribe a professional writer or record keeper
cuneform wedged-shaped characters made with a reed stylus and used in writing several ancient languages.
pictograph pictures that stand for words or ideas
empire a nation and other nations it has conqueed or the leader of something
code an organized set of laws or rules
exile enforced absent from one's own country
astronomer a scientist who observes and studies the universe beyond the Earth.
Created by: NWCsoccer13
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