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WWII Review

Aushwitz The largest Nazi Death Camp in Poland
Anti-Semitism Hatred of Jews
Blitzkrieg Germany's offensive combat strategy
Winston Churchill British Prime Minister
D-Day Allied invasion of Normandy
Concentration Camps Prisons used for internment and forced labor of enemies of Germany
Death Camps Nazi extermination centers in Poland
Fascism The political system put in place by Benito Mussolini in Italy.
Gestapo German secret police
Hirohito Emperor of Japan
Adolf Hitler Nazi Party leader and German dictator
Holocaust The killing of 6 million European Jews by Nazi Germany
Isolationists People wishing to stay out of WWII
Manhattan Project U.S. effort to build the atomic bomb
Benito Mussolini Italian dictator
Pearl Harbor Location of Japanese attack which brought the U.S. into WWII
POW Prisoner of War
Franklin D. Roosevelt President during most of WWII
Josef Stalin Soviet Dictator during WWII
Harry S. Truman President who authorized use of atomic bombs on Japan
Created by: brittanyyrae23