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Social Studies


Amendment 1 Freedom of speech, religion, and assembly
Amendment 4 Citizens and t heir property cannot be searched without a warrant
Amendment 3 Citizens cannot be forced to house soldiers
Amendment 2 Citizens have the right to own and use weapons
Amendment 13 Slavery was outlawed
Amendment 8 Outlawed excessive bail or fines and cruel and unusual punishment
Amendment 14 Any man born in the U.S. is a citizen (no matter what skin color they are.)
Amendment 5 People cannot be tried twice for the same crime or be forced to testify against himself. (due process)
Amendment 18 Outlawed the making, buying and selling of alcoholic drinks
Amendment 21 Repealed (reversed) prohibition. It was again legal to make, buy,, and sell alcoholic drinks
Amendment 10 States and people get all rights not given to the U.S. government
Amendment 6 Citizens have the right to a lawyer and a speedy trial
Amendment 15 Gave all citizens the right to vote regardless of race or color
Amendment 9 The constitution applies to all citizens, not just owners. All rights might not be listed.
Amendment 23 Washington DC was given representatives like a state
Amendment 19 Women got the right to vote
Amendment 26 Lowered the voting age to 18
Amendment 12 The person with the most electoral votes will be president
Amendment 24 Outlawed poll taxes during elections
Amendment 17 Each state will have two Senators and they will be elected by the people
Amendment 7 Established the right to trial by a jury of peers
Proposal Step 1 of the Amendment Process. Can be proposed by 2/3 of Congress (House and Senate) or 2/3 of the states
Ratification Step 2 of Amendment Process. Approved by 3/4 of state legislators or 3/4 of states' conventions
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