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Chapter 16

What is a codex? A bark-paper book that contained records of important historical events in the Maya world.
What is the Popul Vuh? A book on the Maya's story of creation of the world.
What was the purpose of glyphs? To be used as the writing system of the Mayas.
How did the Maya pay tribute to their gods? They prayed and made offerings, such as, flowers and food. They also pierced their bodies to offer their blood.
What is one idea of why the Maya civilization ended? The steadily growing Maya population and over farming might have led to famine, disease, and food shortages.
What was Teotihuacan? It was an early city-state.
Why and how did the Aztecs sacrifice to the sun god? Priests made the sacrifice of human blood to make sure that the sun god was happy and the sun would rise every day. People taken captive in war were sacrificed.
Why did conquered peoples rebel against the Aztecs? Conquered peoples were sacrificed more and more.
Who was Quetzalcoatl? A war god.
What did obsidian mean to the Aztecs? It was the main trade item.
What is a mita? A form of tribute in which all able citizens were required to work for the state for a certain number of days a year.
What led to the downfall of the Incan Empire? The main ruler, Huayana Capac, passed away, then left his empire to his two sons. His sons split the empire which led to a civil war.
Who was Pachacuti? A powerful Incan ruler who conquered Peru and neighboring lands.
How did cities support the Incan Empire? All cities built in conquered lands had the same government buildings.
How can the decline of the Inca Empire be traced to? A struggle between rivals for the Inca throne.
What was the environment like for Pacific Northwestern Peoples? It was near located in present-day Oregon and Alaska, they used the sea as their main resource and it was a very temperate area.
How did native North American cultures view the land? They saw the land as a source of life, they believed it could not be bought or sold.
What was the celebration of potlatch? It involved food, drink, and gifts to the community in which families displayed their rank.
What are pueblos and who used them. Used by the Anasazi, pueblos were villages of apartment-style compounds made of adobe and stone or clay.
What are kivas? Underground ceremonial chambers used for religious practices by the Anasazi.
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