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ISOLATIONISM The belief that a nation should stand alone and not get involved in the affairs and conflicts of other nations. (ex: Us joined war in 1941)
IMPERIALISM When a more powerful nation seeks to control a less powerful territory which benefits the more powerful country (World Bully)
DEMOCRACY A government in which power and authority rest with the people (people usually express their power throughout voting). (ex: During WWII, the US was seen as the "arsenal of democracy")
FASCISM A form of government that permits no individual freedom; the government is supreme; often controlled by a dictator who uses force to rule.
APPEASEMENT Giving into the demands of a hostile power in order to avoid conflict and maintain peace. Before WWII began, European countries tried to appease Hitler in order to avoid war.
PROPAGANDA The spreading of ideas to help or hurt a cause; it influences people to accept a certain point of view.
ALLIANCES A union or association of nations set up to further the common interests of its members. (ex: Allies: Soviets, Great Britain, US, France & Axis: Germany, Italy, Japan)
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