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MAT musical terms

Musical Terms to Study for the Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

accelerando gradually speed up
accent marking placed on note to indicate significance
adagio slowly
allegretto moderately fast speed
altissimo very high range of notes
andante relaxed speed, like walking
appoggiatura grace notes that take some time of the following note's duration
arpeggio notes of a chord played individually
a tempo return to original speed
bend sliding a note up or down a little in jazz
bridge section of a song that differs from the refrain or chorus
cadenza solo section of a song
canon musical theme that is repeated and layered
carol festive, religious song
clef symbol to define not range
coda final section of a song
coloratura ornamentation of a vocal part
countertenor highest male voice
crescendo gradually increasing in volume
decelerando gradually decreasing in speed
decrescendo gradually decreasing in volume
dirge songe expressing grief
dynamics indications of volume in a song
forte loud
fortissimo very loud
key one of the 12 notes a song can be based on
largo slowly
legato smoothly, connected
marcato every note accented
measure short unit of a song
melisma changing the note during one syllable
motif short musical idea that repeats
natural marking that cancels sharp or flat
pianissimo very soft
piano soft
pitch ordering of musical tones based on frequency
poco a little
presto quickly
ritard slowing down
rondo form of a song where the theme is alternated between other sections
rubato flexible speed, not like a metronome
semitone half-step; smallest interval between notes
sforzando suddenly loud and accented
staff 5 lines where notes placed
subito suddenly
syncopation style with emphasis on upbeats
tacet silent
tempo speed of song
tenuto marking that indicates holding a note slightly longer
tutti all
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