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Jay Prehistory 1500

Paleolithic means what? "Old-Stone"
Australopithecus-first upright______3-4 mil yrs ago. Hominid.
The name for the first upright hominid was"_________". Lucy
Homo______-120,000 yrs ago. Sapiens
Homo sapiens sapiens-________BCE,modern humans. 30,000
Crossed the Land Bridge-______BCE 25,000
Homo______ left Africa;isolated;separate species from ex-Neanderthals. Erectus
Homo sapiens sapiens originate in _______. Africa
_______-Take Over Spread
Nomadic-__________ Follow the food
Men_______,Woman________ Hunted,gathered
Neolithic means what? "New-Stone"
8,000-5,000 BCE_________(Neolithic Revolution). Agriculture
What is Civilization? 1.______surplus 2.Advanced_______ 3.________tech 4.Skilled Workers 5.Complex________-gov.,religion 6.System of ______/record keeping 1.Food 2.cities 3.Advanced 5.institutions 6.writing
What does Mesopotamia mean? "birthplace of civilization"
Between______and_______River. Tigris,Euphrates
Modern day_____. Iraq
_______and_______organization, Political,Military
______BCE-Irrigation 6,000
Irrigation is also known as________. Moving water
Ancient Egypt begins 3,100___in Nile Delta. BCE
Writing-Hieroglyphics(______________). pictographs
Nile-Flows_______4,000 miles. North
______Structure=Pyramid Social
_______Stone-used to translate_________.(Written in ancient Greece) Rosetta, hieroglyphics
Harappa at_________River-3,000 BCE. Indus
Modern Pakistan(________). close to India
European nomads-migrated,caste system,________ natives. controlled
Caste System is a rigid social_________. Hierarchy
Caste=_____________. Social Level
Inside the Caste System-__________, Warriors,__________. Priests, Workers
Outside the Caste System were people called the_________. Untouchables
What does Meso means? Middle
Olmec=_____BCE-Mexico _____=300-900 BCE-Mexico Aztec=1100s___-Mexico Inca=1400s CE-_____ 1.1200 2.Maya 3.CE 4.Peru
No beasts of burden(pack animals)except the stupid________. Llama
What was the Silk Road? Trade routes that ran from China to Rome.
_______caravans-from China to India, Africa, and Europe. Camel
Exchange______and Culture. Religion
The Chinese Dynasties are the Shang,_____, and Quin. Zhou
The_________ were one city state. Not one big country. Greeks
_______ wrote Odyssey and Iliad. Homer
Athens=source of________ culture. Western
Sparta was all about(1)_______, while Athens was all about(2)_______. (1)war (2)democracy
What did Alexander the Great do? Conquered most of the Mediterranean.
Socrates-_______ Method. Suicide instead of trial for corrupting youth. Socratic
12 Tables were the first set of what for the Romans? Laws
Jesus of Nazareth born 1 CE-ish, small group of Jews proclaim________. Messiah
Created by: 1314JayAnderson
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