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4th gr Ch 3 SS test

Life in the Eastern Hemisphere

emporer ruler of an empire
magnetic compass tool used by sailors to determine their direction at sea
caravan group of traders traveling together
pilgrimage journey taken for religious reasons
astrolobe tool that used the sun and stars to find a location based on its distance from the equator
saga long spoken tale repeated from one generation to the next
Renaissance period of time that marked a new beginning in arts and sciences and a desire to learn more about the world
navigation science sailors use to plot their course and find their location far from land
slave trade buying and selling of human beings
Marco Polo brought back goods from China
Marco Polo journeys allowed people in Europe and Asia to know about each other
Silk Road network of land and sea routes for trading
Silk Road connected China and other lands
Ghana "land of gold"
Mansu Musa during his rule, Mali reached its peak as an empire
Ghana traded gold for salt
Europeans brought cloth and horses to bring to trade to North Africa
Mansa Musa took a pilgrimage to Mecca because he wanted to create stronger trade ties between Mali and other Muslim nations
Vikings left the area called Newfoundland because there were conflicts with the American Indians living there
Portuguese profited from exploring the coast of Africa because the brought home gold and slaves
Renaissance rebirth
China's sources of wealth silk, tea, and spices
what was the purpose of caravans crossing the Sahara? to bring goods to West Africa
Created by: fhershey