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Key People

Quick Prep Quiz 3/24/14

Abigail Adams Wife of President John Adams; mother of John Quincy Adams
Samuel Adams Important leader in the American Revolution
Richard Allen Founder of first African-American church in U.S.
Susan B. Anthony Leader of movement to give women the right to vote
Benedict Arnold Leader during the American Revolution, he switched sides and became a traitor
Crispus Attucks American hero and martyr of the Boston Massacre
John James Audubon Naturalist, famous for his paintings of American birds
Nathaniel Bacon Virginia planter and leader of Bacon's Rebellion
Daniel Boone Frontiersmen who found trail through the Cumberland Gap
John Wilkes Booth Southerner who assassinated Pres. Abraham Lincoln
Joseph Brant Mohawk Indian chief who fought Americans in Am. Rev.
John Breckinridge Politician who supported a states rights view in early republic
John Brown Militant abolitionist who led raid at Harpers Ferry
Ambrose Burnside Union General in Civil War, fought at battle of Antietam
John C. Calhoun Vice president of U.S.; created doctrine of nullification
Mary Chesnut Southern diarist who described life during the Civil War
William Clark Explorer of Lewis and Clark expedition
Henry Clay Politician known as "The Great Compromiser"
Christopher Columbus Italian explorer of the New World
James Fenimore Cooper First major U.S. novelist, wrote stories about the frontier
Charles Cornwallis British General defeated in battle of Yorktown during Am. Rev.
Jefferson Davis President of Confederate States of America during Civil War
Dorothea Dix Reformer who fought to improve the care of the mentally ill
Stephen A. Douglas Politician who participated in Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1860
Fredrick Douglas Former slave and important abolitionist
Jonathon Edwards Theologian and Puritan who sparked The Great Awakening
Ralph Waldo Emerson Writer and poet; popularized the idea of transcendentalism
Olaudah Equiano Former slave and abolitionist; wrote his autobiography
Benjamin Franklin Author, publisher, inventor, and diplomat
Robert Fulton Ran first commercial steamboat
Thomas Gage British military governor of Massachusetts at time of Am. Rev.
William Lloyd Garrison Printer of the abolitionist newspaper, the Liberator
Horatio Gates General during Am. Rev. who defeated British at Battle of Saratoga
George III British king during Am. Rev.
Angelina and Sarah Grimke Abolitionist sisters
Alexander Hamilton Author of many of the Federalist Papers; first Secretary of the Treasury
John Hancock Important leader of Am. Rev.; first signer of the Declaration of Independence
Nathaniel Hawthorne One of the greatest fiction writers in American literature
Patrick Henry Important person in Am. Rev.; said, "Give me liberty or give me death"
Sam Houston Important leader of Texas Revolution
Ann Hutchinson Banished from Massachusetts colony; one of founders of Rhode Island
Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson Confederate general. Fought in First Battle of Bull Run
John Jay First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; negotiated Jay's Treaty
John Paul Jones Naval hero during Am. Rev.
Marquis de Lafayette French hero of Am. Rev.
Robert E. Lee Famous Confederate general during the Civil War
Meriwether Lewis Explorer of Lewis and Clark expedition
John Locke English philosopher; his ideas influenced Am. ideas about government
Henry W. Longfellow Most popular Am. poet of the 19th century
John Marshall Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; one of the most important in history
George Mason insisted on protection of individual rights in the Constitution
Increase Mather Important Puritan minister
Samuel Morse Invented the telegraph system; developed Morse Code
Lucretia Mott Helped found the women's rights movement
James Oglethorpe Founded the colony of Georgia
William Penn Quaker, founded Pennsylvania
George Pickett Confederate officer; important in Battle of Gettysburg
Thomas Pinckney Politician, negotiated treaty with Spanish
Tom Paine Influential writer during Am. Rev.
Pocahontas Helped maintain peace between early colonists and Indians
Paul Revere Made famous ride during American Revolution to warn of a British attack
Betsy Ross Seamstress who may have created first American flag
Sacagawea Indian woman, guide on the Lewis and Clack expedition
Dred Scott Salve who sued for his freedom in famous Supreme Court case
Winfield Scott General in War of 1812, Mexican War, and Civil War
William Tecumseh Sherman Union general; waged total war on the South
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Leader of movement to give women the right to vote
Roger Taney Supreme court chief justice; wrote Dred Scott decision
Tecumseh Indian Chief who fought with British in War of 1812
Henry David Thoreau Author, believed in transcendentalism and civil rights
Alexis de Tocqueville French author who described life in 19th century America
Sojourner Truth Former slave; leading abolitionist and defender of women's rights
Harriet Tubman Former slave; abolitionist and organized Underground Railroad
Nat Turner Slave would lead famous and bloody slave rebellion
David Walker Black abolitionist; wrote famous pamphlet urging slaves to rebel
Daniel Webster Important politician; attacked idea of states' rights
Noah Webster Created first American dictionary
Walt Whitman author, poet, journalist
Eli Whitney Inventor of the Cotton Gin
John Winthrop Important Puritan; first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Brigham Young Led Mormons to escape religious persecution
John Peter Zenger Journalist; his trail helped establish idea of freedom of press
Created by: eabowman