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CCMS World Religions

5 Major World Religions - Mrs. Hawthorne's Social Studies Class

Prophet a messenger sent by God to share God's word with people
Monotheism the belief in only one God
Tribe a group of people who share a family member in the past
Exodus the journey of the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt
Covenant an agreement with God
Torah the laws that Moses received from God on Mount Sinai; later they became a part of the Hebrew Bible
Commandment a rule that God wanted the Israelites to follow
Parables short stories that teach a lesson about good, or honorable, behavior
Resurrection coming back to life from the dead
Apostle Christian leader chosen by Jesus to spread his message
Salvation the act of being saved from the effects of wrongdoing, or sin
Hierarchy an organization with different levels of authority
Clergy church officials
Laity regular church members
Doctrine official church teaching
Gospel an account of the life and teaching of Jesus, written by the apostles
Pope the title for the bishop of Rome, who is the head of the Roman Catholic Church
Quran the holy book of Islam
shari’a Islamic code of law
minaret a tower of a mosque from which a person calls Muslims to prayer
Hinduism major religion that developed in ancient India; main belief
Brahman the universal spirit worshiped by Hindus
Reincarnation the idea that the soul is reborn into many different lives
Dharma a person's personal duty, based on the individual's place in society
Karma a good or bad force created by a person's actions; it determines whether a person's soul will be reborn into a higher or lower form of life
Buddhism religion founded by Siddhartha Gautama; main belief
Reincarnation the idea that the soul is reborn into many different lives
Nirvana a state of perfect happiness that is achieved after giving up all desires
Meditate to engage in thought or contemplation; reflect.



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