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CMS 8th SS Ch. 10

Chamberlain Middle school Social Studies Chapter 10

Groups that help elect government officials and shape governmental policies political parties
action or decision that later serves as an example precedent
certificates that represent money owed to private citizens by the U.S. government bonds
tax on imported goods to raise the prices of foreign products in order to protect domestic products protective tariff
private ships authorized by a nation to attack its enemies privateers
Chief Justice sent to London to negotiate an agreement to avoid war John Jay
led a force from the Indian confederation that defeated U.S. forces in 1790 Little Turtle
protest of the tax levied on alcohol in 1791 Whiskey Rebellion
candidate chosen to run with Thomas Jefferson in the election of 1796 Aaron Burr
nickname for a bribe offered by agents of French foreign minister Tallyrand to U.S. diplomats XYZ Affair
Which agreement was made to avoid war between Britain and the United States Jay's Treaty
The first capital of the United States was in New York
Alexander Hamilton proposed to pay off federal debt by selling bonds and gradually repaying their full value
Why did George Washington step down as president to remind the people that they were the leaders of the nation
The Neutrality Proclamation stated that the United States should remain neutral in all European conflicts
The idea of the Republican Motherhood stressed that women should play an important role in teaching children to be good citizens
Thomas Jefferson questioned whether Congress had the power to start a national bank
Indians in the Northwest Territory went to war with the United States because U.S. citizens continued to settle in Indian Territory
Which party wanted to strengthen the power of the federal government and promote industry and trade Federalist Party
In Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, Jefferson and Madison argued that the Alien and Sedition Acts were unconstitutional and states should not follow any such federal laws
George Washington was concerned that his age and lack of political experience would limit his ability to be a good president True
Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson both agreed that the nation should have a strong central government False
On July 14, 1789, the people of France began the French Revolution by storming the Bastille True.
The "army of the Constitution" ended the Whiskey Rebellion with an army of over 10,000 soldiers in a three-day battle False.
The Federalist Party wanted to preserve the power of the state government and promote agriculture False..
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