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2nd Semester Interim

2014 Review covering Asia's geography, India, & China

India Monsoons affect the climate of this country
Mahatma Gandhi Person who led India to independence non-violently
Buddhism & Hinduism 2 world religions that believe in reincarnation
Mao Zedong China's first communist leader
Quota A limit on the amount of goods that can be brought into a country
Green Revolution Movement to train farmers and introduce new technology so that farming is more efficient and productive
Federal System of government where power is shared among different levels
China Country that changed from a command to a mixed economy between the 1950s and now
Japan Country that is mainly mountains so it relies on importing food since there is little farming
Homespun Campaign Time when Gandhi encouraged Indians to make their own cloth and boycott British cloth
Great Leap Forward Program in China during the 1950s to make farming and industry more productive; people lived on large collective farms; it was not successful
Civil disobedience Gandhi's form of protest; non-violent non-cooperation
Philosophy Confucianism is a ___ not a religion because it is more of a way of living rather than a focus on beliefs and religious rituals
Tariff A tax on trade to increase the price of foreign goods coming into a country
Ganges River in India that experiences pollution from cremation ashes, industrial pollution, and pesticide run-off
Unitary System of government where the central government holds nearly all of the power
Cultural Revolution Movement led by Mao and the Red Guards to eliminate those who oppose Mao's plans and those who could challenge his ideas
Human capital Investment in ___ (education, training, new technology) will increase a country's GDP
Dominion India turned down ___ status because they wanted complete independence, not just a few more freedoms from the British
Tiananmen Square Location of a student uprising in 1989 where students demonstrated and expressed their desire for more freedoms
Oligarchy Type of government where a small group makes most of the governments decisions
Representative democracy Government in which the people elect members of the legisture (Congress or Parliament) to represent them in decision-making
Capital goods Japan invests in the development of ___ so their technology and exported goods are successful; Japan relies on exports to make money to pay for imported agricultural goods
Gross domestic product The total amount that a country produces
Collective farm (commune) Large farm where workers produce their agricutural goods for the government who then distributes it to the people
China Country with a unitary system of government - China or India?
India Country with a federal system of government - China or India?
Oligarchy The Chinese Communist Party is an example of this form of government where power is held in the hands of a small group of people
Parliamentary Democracy India's form of government is a ___ because people elect representatives to the Indian National Congress, and then those members choose a Prime Minister
Indira Gandhi India's first female Prime Minister; she was assassinated in 1984
Natural resources Because China has abundant ___ and has experienced economic reforms, its economy has improved to one of the strongest in the world
Fertilizer High levels of nitrogen are found in the Yangtze because of residue from ___ that runs off from farms polluting the river
Monsoon A seasonal wind
Typhoon A destructive storm that forms over the Pacific Ocean
Tsunami A wave of water created by the movement of tectonic plates
Gobi & Taklimakan The 2 deserts in China that are dry because the Himalayas block rain from moving into the area
Himalayas Mountain range in northern India that kept invaders from entering the region from the north
Japan Country that imports much of its food, relies on fishing for much of its food, and uses terrace farming in the mountainous regions
Salt Gandhi led a March to the Sea to protest the British tax on ___
Unsuccessful Were most of Mao's economic reforms, like the Great Leap Forward, successful or unsuccessful?
GDP (Gross Domestic Product) If a country invests in human capital, ___ wil increase because workers are better educated and better trained to do more skilled and productive jobs
Capital goods China has invested in ___ to build new factories and develop new industries to produce consumer goods to sell all over the world
Nationalism A feeling of great loyalty and patriotism to one's nation
Loess Yellowish silt that is blown into the Huang He river, carried downstream, and deposited along its banks making the soil fertile
Hydroelectricity The Three Gorges Dam was built to help control flooding along the Yangtze and to create ___ to produce power
Created by: MrsRidley



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