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Westward Expansion

Grade 7 American History unit Westward Expansion

What does Manifest Destiny mean? It is the belief that it is our god given right to expand the borders of our country.
What were some positive outcomes of Manifest Destiny? Transcontinental Railroad system, discovery of gold/silver/resources, high nationalism and pride
What were some negative outcomes of Manifest Destiny? The removal of Native Americans off their land, spread of diseases, ruining the land while digging for gold, wasting of resources while building railroad (buffalo, etc.)
How did we overcome the difficulties of moving west? steam engine, clipper ships, prarie schooners
How do we justify buying land (taking it) from the Native Americans? We bought it from France or fought for it in a war, we paid the Natives money for the land so it is fair.
How did the Homestead Act of 1862 encourage westward movement? It gave settlers up to 160 acres of land if they filed a claim and settled the land for a period of time.
What act of legislation pushed Native Americans off their land? The Indian Removal Act of 1830
Which legislative act allowed squatters to purchase a legal title to land they occupied at a minimum price? The Pre-Emption Act of 1841
What do these things have in common? The Gold Rush, the annexing of Texas, the Louisiana Purchase, Exploration of Lewis and Clark and Industrial Revolution? They all were part of what encouraged the idea of manifest destiny.
What state was annexed and added to our country during this time period? Texas
What events in American history have Native Americans been involved in? French and Indian War, War of 1812 and the Seminole tribes against the Americans in the Seminole Wars
What makes tribes "civilized" according to the European culture? Assimilation (wearing our clothes, speaking our language, stopping their way of life).
What were some negative results of the White man interaction with Native Americans? Spread of small pox, taking Native land, destroying native culture and resources.
What is the "Trail of Tears"? The 800 mile journey taken by the Cherokee to move them to reservations out west.
Which president supported the Indian Removal Act of 1830? Andrew Jackson
Why did Americans want Native American land? The land was better for growing crops like cotton, discovery of gold, white settlements, other resources.
What was wrong with the Indian reservation land? It was not their homeland where their dead were buried and where they were used to hunting and farming, the new land had extreme temperatures, droughts and flooding which made farming difficult.
How did the Civil War effect he transcontinental Railroad? Three ways: after the war, soldiers needed work so it gave them jobs, the rail cars could be used to move weapons, the route was decided to go through the north because the Southern Congressmen were not there to vote.
How did the Central Pacific Railroad Company cheat the US government out of money? The company changed the maps of the Sierra Nevada mountains to make them bigger because they got more money per mile to lay tracks in the mountains.
What makes gold valuable? It is a rare metal that has many uses and can be formed into coins for an easy medium of exchange (money).
What was the meeting point for the railroad track heading east and the track heading west? Promontory Point, Utah
How much rail road track was laid down to make the transcontinental railroad at first? 1, 175 miles of track
Which legislative act began the transcontinental railroad? 1862 Pacific Railroad Act
Why did the US government feel a transcontinental railroad was necessary? It would allow more people and resources to move west and would allow more settlements to be created.
Who are the "Big Four" and why are they important? Leland Stanford, Mark Hopkins, Collis Huntington, and Charles Crocker, they were 4 of the richest men to invest money in the railroad project.
Who was the engineer who came up with the plans to build the railroad (including how to get through the mountains) Theodore Judah
Why did some store owners become millionaires before those people finding gold? The store owners sold the mining equipment at such a high cost that they made a lot of money (supply and demand).
What is a "boom town"? A town that grows up "overnight" because so many people moved there to mine for gold.
Why would a boom town become a ghost town? Once all the easily extracted gold is gone and it becomes more difficult, people would leave and move on to a new area.
What artist painted Emigrants Crossing the Plains in 1869? D.H.B Hall Jr.
Why was the Battle of the Alamo important for the idea of Manifest Destiny? The Mexicans attacked and beat the Texans which got them mad and they used that to help them defeat the Mexicans and take land "Remember the Alamo!"
Why did people "rush" to California in the mid to late 1800's? to mine for gold.
Who discovered the first bit of gold on John Sutter's land in 1848 which began the gold rush? James Marshall
Which treaty ended the Mexican American War? The Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo
Who are some people that support the idea of manifest destiny? James Polk, Andrew Jackson, John O'Sullivan
Why did pioneers travel in a wagon train? Safety in numbers
The phrase "The Great West, paradise of the American Dream" would be a way people would describe the west in what manner? It shows a "romantic" view of the West and it would be used to support Manifest Destiny.
Who are '49ers? Pioneers who left in 1849 in search for gold.
Besides gold, what were some other resources we got from moving West? Animal pelts, new plants/crops, silver.
Created by: mdavis