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Housing Acts

Housing Act of 1949 aka Wagner-Ellender-Taft Bill, expanded the federal gov's role in issuing mortgage insurance and creating public housing. It included four basic components: 1) Allocated federal funding for slum clearance, laying foundation for "urban renewal"
Housing Act of 1949 (cont.) Implications: Est. fed gov in influencing growth, and increased home ownership through immense public housing program. 2) Issued mortgages through the Federal Housing Administration 3) Allocated federal funding for the construction of more than 800,000 public housing units. 4) Financed rural homeowners through the Federal Housing Administration
Housing Act of 1954 Created Section 701 "comprehensive planning program", which provided federal planning assistance to local governments.
Housing Act of 1968 Modified section 701 so that any local government receiving federal assistance was required to create affirmative housing action programs. According to HUD, these programs had to allocate a certain number of housing units to each income and ethnic group.
National Housing Act of 1934 Created both the Federal Savings Loan Insurance Corporation, which insured savings deposits, and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), which insured private mortgages.
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) FHA underwrites mortgage insurance and promotes loans for homes and small businesses through banks and building loan associations. FHA underwriting is contingent upon the fulfillment of land-use guidelines that favor low-density dev over high-density.
Wagner-Steagall Housing Act 1937. Established the US Housing Authority and its subsequent incarnation, the Public Housing Administration (PHA). The act sought to clear slums by funding local housing authorities and empowering them to carry out public housing projects.
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