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Chapter 7/8 Test

Honors World History

What was the Geography of Rome like? 1. Italian peninsula located in the Mediterranean Sea 2. Plenty of Farmland 3. Mountain: Alps in the north, Apennines from the north to the south; neither range provided much protection
What was the Geography in Rome like (part 2)? 4. Tiber and Po Rivers provided water for farming 5. Rome was centrally located on the Tiber river providing access to the sea
What does Pax Romana mean? The Pax Romana was a period of peace by the “so-called” good emperors.Pax Romana means Roman Peace.
What was the Pax Romana Five good emperors: Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoniunus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius Treated people with respect; Ended arbitrary execution; Maintained people
What was the Pax Romana (Part 2)? Support helpful domestic policies such as public building projects; Emperors continued to expand empire at the expense of the Senate
Who was the first Roman dictator that was also a general (in Gaul) in the First Triumvirate? Hint: He was murdered by members of the Roman Senate. Julius Caesar
Who was Octavian aka Augustus? -Became the first Roman emperor -Augustus maintained 28 legions -Subject people to serve in auxiliary forces -Praetorian guard 9,000 men- guarded emperor -established frontier for roman empire -encouraged development of religion
What was the Julio-Claudian Dynasty? Part 1 -the first dynasty to rule the Roman Empire -none of the emperors were succeeded by their biological sons -Tiberius became emperor after Augustus (wanted to be a solider not a ruler) he was assassinated by his bodyguard
What was the Julio-Claudian Dynasty? Part 2 -Caligula was remembered as a madman; he was also assassinated -Claudius was chosen to rule the army because he was weak but in fact he was very competent; he was most famous for conquering Britain; he was murdered by his wife
What was the Julio-Claudian Dynasty? Part 3 -Nero was accused of starting the Great Fire and blamed it on the Christians (and had mass executions of Christians); he murdered most of his family and at the end committed suicide -Nero ended the Julio Claudian Dynasty
Who was Marius? -a Roman general that became a consul-started recruiting people in a new way for the army-he recruited people in rural and urban areas people that did not own property-volunteers swore an oath of loyalty to the general and the general promised them land
Prosecutor an official in charge of a province
Who favored cooperation with Roman officials? Sadducees
Who wanted protection from Roman influence? Pharisees
Who called for the violent overthrow of the Roman rule? Zealots
Who ordered Jesus' crucifixion? Pontuius Pilate
Who was a follower of Jesus and was recongnized as the leader of His followers Peter
What are followers of Jesus called? apostles
Who took the message of Christianity to the non-Jews in the Roman world? Paul
What did Paul teach us about Jesus' death? Paul taught us that Jesus's death made up for all our sins (sins of humanity). by accepting Jesus as a Savior, people would be reconciled by God
How were the teachings of Christianity passed on? orally and writing
Who did Paul write letters to? Paul wrote letter to Christian communities this was included in the New Testament called Epistle.
What gave the record of Jesus' life and teachings and formed the core of the New Testament? The Gospels
What were Christians that died for their faith called? Martyers
Laity regular church members
Who was the first Roman emperor to become a Christian? Constantine
What did Constantine issue to proclaim the official tolerance of Christianity? Edict of Milan
Which emperor made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire? Theodosius
Why were Christians persecuted? 1. They were the scapegoat for the Great Fire 2. They went against Roman religion and faith considered an act of treason 3. They were preaching about the kingdom of God that (what the Romans didn't know) was not a real kingdom
What was the effect of the Christian persecutions? Christians faith was strengthened + Christianity was strengthen
Why did Christianity spread so quickly? -It appealed to so many was that is was personal and offered salvation and eternal life to individuals -attractive to the poor & powerless (it gave them something to look forward to aka death)
What was the Rise in Christianity like? 1.Jesus believe that his mission was to complete the salvation that God had promised to Israel. 2.concepts that Jesus stressed were humility, love, and charity 3. people saw Jesus as a revolutionary
Who was Claudius and what did he do? -the uncle of Caligula and was chosen to rule by the army-Chosen because he was seen as weak but he was very competent and increased the size of the Empire-Most famous for conquering Britain-he was murdered by his was (who was also his niece) & by her son
Who was Nero and what did he do? -accused of starting the Great fire but used Christians as a scapegoat an excuse to start executing them -he murdered his mom, his first wife, and his step-brother -he committed suicide -died without an heir in place so Julio-Claudian
What year did Rome fall? 476 AD
What were three main problems that caused Rome to fall? 1. Internal Corruption 2. Division 3. Outside Invasion
How was Rome hard to govern and control? Rulers had little desire to actually govern, and corrupt officials levied increasing taxes on the people of Rome
Which emperor divided the empire into western and astern halves? Diocleation
Which emperor moved the capital of Rome to Constantinpole? Constinetine
Who invaded Rome in 410 AD led by Alaric and the city was looted and people were ravaged? German Visigoths
What happened after the German Visigoths took control of Rome? Their leader, Odoacer forced the last Roman emperor, Romulus Augustulus, off the throne?
Who was Romulus Augustulus? -last emperor of Rome -forced off the German Visigoths
Who was Hadrian? Was part of the period of Pax Romana Treated people with respect Ended arbitrary execution Maintained people Support helpful domestic policies such as public building projects continued to expand empire at the expense of the Senate
Who was Virgil? 1.wrote the Aeneid in Rome's honor 2.Age of Augustus 3.Express the idea that Rome's mission is to rule the worls 4.poet
Who was Livy? 1.Most famous historian 2.Wrote "The Early History of Rome" 3.Thought of history in terms of moral lesson 4.Stories show virtues of great figures that make Rome great
How did Rome treat the conquered people? -if the conquered people behaved such as followed the Roman gods and did what the Romans said their life would be prosperous -if the conquered people went against the government Rome would destroy them
Patricians wealthy land owners who made up ruling class
Pleibeins poor/less wealthy land owners, craftspeople, merchants, and small farmers *They were the majority*
Were plebeians and patricians allowed to marry? NO
What happened to Rome after 180 AD? There was a period of conflict, confusion, and civil war
What were the policies based off of? Were they ineffective? Policy was based of off control and coercion & it was ineffective
What portion of the population was wiped out? 1/104
In 410 AD who attacked the Roman city? Who attacked the city in 455 AD? 410 AD: Visigoths 455 AD: Vandals
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