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History Ch. 19

WWI and Beyond, Ch. 19

What is Social Darwinism? Biologist Charles Darwin's ideas of natural selection and survival of the fittest.
What is Militarism? Glorification of the military.
Who is Francis Ferdinand? His death triggered the first act of war in WWI. He was heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary that was shot and killed by a Serbian.
What is an ally? A person, nation, or group joined with another for a common purpose.
Who is Kaiser William II? German Emperor who assured Austria-Hungary that Germany would help them at war with Serbia.
Why was the trench war the Western Front of France important? It was a critical battle front. The side that won there would win the war. They could protect their bodies in the ditches.
What is Nationalism?
What is Imperial Expansion?
Why did most of the nations join the war? They were allies or enemies of the other nations at war.
What Technology was used in WWI? Machine guns, artillery field guns, poison gas, submarines, planes, armored cars.
What are casualties? They are soldiers killed, wounded and missing during war.
Why were Americans divided in the war? One third of Americans were foreign born. Most of them still thought of their old countries as their homeland.
Which countries did most Americans side with? Britain and France, because of their strong ties to the U.S.
What is Contraband? Weapon and other articles used to fight a war.
How did Britain blockage Germany? They stopped non contraband goods, such as food, gas, and cotton, from reaching Germany.
How did Germany violate neutral rights? They began sinking all ships from countries that were Britain's allies. Including a British passenger ship called the Lusitania.
What is a U Boat? A submarine.
How did Germany keep the U.S. from entering the war? They promised not to sink anymore passenger ships.
How did Pres. Wilson prepare the U.S. to enter the WWI? He passed the National Defense Act to expand the army, and the Naval Construction Act to build more war ships.
What slogan did Wilson run with to get re-elected in 1916? "He kept us out of war!"
Who was Jeannette Rankin? The first woman elected to Congress.
What was the Zimmerman note? It proposed an alliance with Mexico, stating that if the U.S. declares war on Germany, Mexico should declare war on the U.S.
When did America declare war on Germany and her allies? On April 6, 1917.
What was the Selective Service Act? It authorized a draft of young men for military service in Europe.
What was the Committee on Public Information? It was created to promote to the public that the war effort was a just cause.
How did the U.S. keep the industrial plants, factories, and companies continue to produce when most of the workers had to fight in the war? Nearly 500,000 women joined the workforce and 400,000 African Americans left the South for jobs in the North, and Mexicans.
What was the Espionage Act? It punished anyone who tried help the enemies or do anything against the U.S. being in the war.
What is a convoy? Groups of merchant ships that sailed together, protected by warships.
Who was Vladimir Lenin? A Communist who led a revolution and gained control of Russia. Russia then stopped fighting in the WWI.
Which countries came together to form the "Allies" and helped win WWI? America, France, Britain, and Italy were the major allies.
What were the Fourteen Points? Wilson's ideas that tried to promote openness, encourage independence, and support freedom.
What is a reparation? A payment for war damages.
Which country did the Allies believe should make reparation after WWI? Why? Germany because they started the war.
What is the League of Nations? World organization stabled to promote peaceful cooperation between countries.
What brought the deadly influenza virus spread throughout the nation after the WWI ended? The influenza
What were some of the effects of WWI? inflation, Red Scare, Women's roles changed,
What happened in the Soviet Union that contributed to the rise of communism? The Red Scare: Violent mobs attacked radicals, abused immigrants, and committed crimes in the name of justice.
What is 19th Amendment?
What does it mean to be a Creditor Nation? It means it is a country that is owed more money by other countries than it owes other countries.
Why did America become the leading economic power after WWI? Britain and France were weak economically and politically, but the U.S. was strong, confident, and posperous.
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