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satire comedy that ridicules
scenario an outline of a play
scene a part or division of an act or play
screenplay a script for a film
script a printed copy of the play
set the scenery used onstage
set piece a three-dimensional scenery piece that stands by itself
set props items used to dress the set
sightlines imaginary lines indicating the visibility of stage areas from differing perspectives
sitcoms situation comedies
social drama a play that focuses on serious, real-life problems of ordinary people
soliloquies speeches in which one actor speaks aloud, revealing their inner thoughts
soundscape the sound designer's artistic vision
soundstage the location in a studio where a film is shot
spectacle everything the audience sees
spiking marking the rehearsal area with masking tape
spill light leakage from stage lights
spotlight a generic term for stage lights
stage fright feeling nervous about a performance
stage manager the person who directs backstage crews and runs the show once it goes into performance