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social studies

executive branch

bribery when you have someone do something illegal for your benifit
impeach to accuse an official of wrongdoing or misuse of power
treason when you are disloyal to your country
execute to carry out or enforce
who is our president Barack Obama
second highest office in the E.B. and the name of that person Vice President- Joe Biden
what does the electoral college do they decide on the president
number of Illinois electoral votes 20
magic number to win presidential ellection 270
date the pres takes oath of office January 20
Qualification of pres must be natural born citizen, be 35+ years old, be a U.S. resident for 14+ years
presidents who have been impeached 2- Andrew Johnson and William Clinton
who has been removed from office from impeachment no one
the largest branch of government the executive branch
impeachment proccess starts in the hor,accuse the offical, make a list of charges, simple maj, senate, acts as a jury and holds a trial, if its the pres, the chief of justice of the surpreme court holds trial, 2/3 vote, depending on vote, the official is either removed or not
president who started the use of cabinets for advise George Washington
first three cabinet departments department of state, defense, and treasury
number of cabinets today 15
four divisions of the E.B. cabinet, independent agency, government corp, regulatory acency
order of succesion
salary of pres $400000 a year
chief of state in charge of foreign relations
commander in chief makes all decisions with army, navy, marines, air force and National Guard
chief executive make sure staff, cabinet, and employees are doing their job
chief leg power to approve or disapprove laws congress are making
chief of party makes decisions regarding the makeup of his individual political party
fraction of senate to remove someone from office 2/3
which branch has the power to declare war the leg branch
current term and session of congress 113th session and 2nd term
purpose of the preamble The preamble states the fundamental purposes, principles, and goals of the government established by the Constitution.
elastic clause makes all laws necessary and proper
first state to sign the Constitution Delaware
date the constitution was adopted at the convention in philadelphia September 17, 1787
speaker of the house john boehner
delegated powers only for the federal government
reserved powers only for the states
concurrent powers shared between the states and the government
enumerated powers powers given to congress by constitution and are written down
implied powers given to congress that are general
inherent powers not listed but are necessary to funtion
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