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Chapter 22 test

Bismarck Diplomat from junker class
Policy Bismarck believed in Blood & Iron, Real Polotik
Kaiser William I Persuaded to become Kaiser in result of victory
Kaiser William II Succeeded his Grandfather as Kaiser; Asked Bismarck to resign in 1890
Francis Joseph Inherited Hapsburg throne; Ruled until 1916; Made reforms and set up legislature
Giuseppe G Longtime nationalist; Wanted to create Italian; Recruited Redcoats
Giuseppe M Founded Young Italy; Spent much of life in exile dreaming of united italy
Camillo Cavour Politician and monarchist who fought for Italian unification
Ferenc Deak Created dual monarchy of Austria, Hungary
Alexander III of Russia Cracked down on revolutionaries in result of fathers death
Pogrom Violent mob attacks on Jewish people
Duma Elected national legislature
Social Welfare Programs to help certain groups of people
Zemstvo Responsible for road repair, schools, and agriculture
Emigration Movement of people away from their homeland
Anarchist People who want to abolish all government
Refugees People who flee homeland
Russification Suppressed non-Russian peoples
Junker class Prussian landowning class
Government United Italy had Constitutional Monarchy
Countries that had two-house legislature Germany and Italy
Reasons for Italy to unify To end trade, better economy
Dual Monarchy Created by Ferenc Deak; Austrians and slavic groups were involved
Person who turned the newly unified italy to King Emmanuel Guiseppe G
Bloody sunday turning point in russia Killed peoples faith in tsar
Emancipation of serfs Freedom of serfs; Peasants still unhappy
Bismarcks different titles Prime minister, Chancellor, architect
Bismarck lost power because He was crushed and humiliated after Prussia lost
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