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Latin america

Study Guide

Form of writing that uses pictures? Hieroglyphics
A Complex society? Civilization
Three characteristics of a civilization? Math, Science, Agriculture
Rope with knotted cords of different colors to keep records? Quipu
Payments made by one group to another for protection? Tribute
Man-made channels used to irrigate land? Aqueducts
Strips of land of a hillside like stair steps to create land for farming? Terracing
Small plot of land where a farmer grows only enough food for his family? Subsistence Farming
Belief in more than one god? Polytheism
Belief in only one god? monotheism
Ancient civilization that sacrificed children. Why did they do that? Incas, If they had bad days
Conquistadors believed in more than one god? False
The Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas believed in more than one god? True
Hunters-gathers wanders in search of food and water? Nomaids
First known people to Americas were from here? Asia
What were conquistadors originally looking for in the Americas? Gold
Location of the Aztecs? Valley of Mrexico
Location of the Incas? Peru, Andes Mountians
Conquistador who conquered the Aztecs? Hernon Cortes
Conquistador who conquered the Incas? Francisco Pizarro
These helped conquistadors conquer the ancient civilizations? guns, horses, deases
What ancient civilization sacrificed to gods? Inca and Aztec;m To make the gods happy
Three items introduced to the Europeans? Corn, Squash, and Beans
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