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History Viking Test

What are the elements of a civilization that disappeared in Western Europe? Long Distance Trade, Bath Houses, Hot Water, and Toilets
How does Feudalism work? Under feudalism, landowning nobles governed and protected the people in return for services, such as: fighting in a noble's army or farming the land. You would have needed wealthy people, who own land, and who are strong.
Explain the order of the feudalism chart? Kings, Barons, Nobles, Knights, and Peasants
Who is the church's hierarchy? Pope, Arch-bishop, Priest, Peasant, Leimen.
Who is Charles Martel? Nickname: "The Hammer" He was the strongest noblemen who reunited the warring Francocia. Lead an army against Muslims, and won the Battle of Tours.
What is Charlemagne famous for? He is Charles Martel's Grandson. He became king of the Franks. He brought much order to chaotic Europe. He united Northern/Western Europe under his rule. Rescued Rome form invaders. And was named "Holy Roman Emperor"
Why did the Vikings raid people? Most Vikings were merchants who were looking for homes. They had to travel to Europe in order to trade.
What Viking discovered Greenland? Eric the Red!
Why did he name it Greenland? To motivate people to commute to Greenland!
What is so good about Viking boats? They were mainly war-ships. The front had a dragon in order to scare other boats away.v
How did the Vikings benefit Europe in the long-run? They helped control and establish a proper civilization! They re-established the trade route, and helped organize Europe.
Was Ireland ever conquered by Rome? Ireland was never conquered by Rome, also the Barbarian invaders never were able to reach it. Ireland is located deep in the Atlantic Ocean which makes it harder to reach.
How were the Irish able to save civilization? The monks kept a record of the historical events that were happening.
What is a Jarl, a Karl, and a Berserker? A Jarl was a leader of a village. A Karl was the Jarl's warrior guards. A Berserker was an ancient Norse warrior who fought in a wild frenzy.
What areas did the Vikings explore? They traveled to Ireland, iceland, Greenland, Germany, Poland, etc.
What were the advantages of having a castle? It was impressive. It was a safe base to a local region. It had special features such as: portcullis, a murder hole, arrow slits, merlons, and crenels. Also, they were very difficult to attack.
What is a portcullis? An entrance door, with spikes and grooves.
What is a murder hole? A gateway or passageway that would capture attackers so that the defenders could attack them!
What are arrow slits? A slit in a wall for shooting arrows at attackers
What are merlons? A section of battlements
What are crenels? An indentation, in a castle, that was used for shooting missiles
Why was the Battle of Tours important? Because if the Frankish was defeated Europe would be more Muslim which could cause America to be more Muslim.
Created by: SSSullivan