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What challenges face large cities in China? overcrowding and urbanization
Who was China's first Communist leader Mao Zedong
When did the communist take control of China After World War II
Who was China's leader after Mao died Deng Xiaoping
what program did Zedong begin that tried to eliminate anyone that critcized the government The Cultural Revolution
Investment goods has helped China in what world markets consumer goods
Why did the Great Leap Forward fail? Chinese farmers did not know how to plant crops on large plots of land and the result was starvation
China's attitude towards entrepreneurship has led to what the idea of free enterprise.
What is meant by capital goods? Factories and machines used to make the goods
Why does China's government play a large role in human capital China's government still has a strong command of the economy
What is an oligarchy a small group of people having control of a country.
What kind of government does China have communist government
"What you do not like when done to you, do not to others" Who said this and what is it. Confucius' Golden Rule
95% of the population of China is from Hans dynasty. This is an example of an Ethnic group
China's dependence on _____________ is why it has trouble with air pollution Burning coal
Buddhism was founded in India
Who makes the important decisions in the government of the Peoples Republic of China The Chinese Communist Party
Iran has government based on religious law. This is an example of a theocracy
What is a market economy a type of economy that individuals own resources and determine what goods to produce how to produce the goods and for whom to produce the goods for.
OPEC is an example of what form of government? A Confederate Government.
Why were students and workers protesting in Tienanmen Square? They wanted to move towards democracy.
Who can vote in national elections in China? All citizens who are over the age of 18
What is the name of the elected Chinese legislative assembly? National People’s Congress
What are the Four Modernization? Farmers were given better seeds and equipment;factories increased production of smaller consumer goods that were easier to sell.
What impact has the literacy rate had on a country’s gross domestic product (GDP)? A higher literacy rate usually means there will be a higher GDP per capita.
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