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chapter 20 vocab.

Vocabulary for Reconstruction (ch.20)

Reconstruction A period of rebuilding the South after the devastation of the American Civil War. This 12 year period started in 1865 and lasted until 1877.
Radical Republicans Congressmen who wanted to punish the South after the American Civil War. Mainly from the North, these congressmen wanted the South to pay the price for starting the Civil War.
Compromise of 1877 An informal agreement that ended Reconstruction. Also called the Wormley House Bargain, this agreement gave Rutherford B. Hayes the presidency and removed federal troops out of Southern states.
13th Amendment One of the 3 Civil Rights Amendments. This amendment abolished (ended) slavery.
14th Amendment One of the 3 Civil Rights Amendments. This amendment guaranteed equal rights as citizens to former slaves.
15th Amendment One of the 3 Civil Rights Amendments. This amendment made it illegal to deny someone the right to vote because of their race.
Union League An African American civic group with ties to the Republican Party.
Freedmen's Bureau Federal agency established to help the newly freed slaves. It provided food, shelter, clothing, work, and education.
Ku Klux Klan Started in 1866, this whites only organization used terror to strike fear into the hearts of African Americans. Loosely translated, their name means "circle of brothers" or "circle of friend".
Carpetbaggers Northerners who came south to help with Reconstruction as soldiers, missionaries, and Freedmen's Bureau officials. They were often corrupt and took advantage of war weary Southerners.
Scalawags Southerners who cooperated with and held office under Republican government during Reconstruction. They were liars and cheats and took advantage of other Southerners during Reconstruction.
suffrage The right to vote.
Red Shirts A rifle club formed South Carolina Democrats. They supported Wade Hampton III in 1876.
Reconstruction Acts A series of laws passed by congress that were designed to punish the South and give Blacks the right to vote (enfranchise).
impeach A legal term that means to accuse formally or indict in legal proceeding. Andrew Johnson, U.S. President from 1865-1868, was the first president to go through this process.
black codes Laws passed in the southern states during Reconstruction to control ex-slaves.
Created by: Mr. Bee