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APUSH Test!!!!

APUSH Me off a Bridge

matrilineal Tribal rights and responsibilities and social station were determined by the Native American's Mother's bloodline
Martin Luther Challenged Catholic Church's power through protests against the church and its abuses
Treaty of Tordesillas Spain and Portugal How New world land would be divided Drew longitudinal line through Atlantic and South America Portugal got the lands East of the line (Brazil and Africa ex) Spain got the rest of the lands of the Amerias
Black Death Caused by pandemic outbreak of the bubonic plague in the 14th century Reduced European population between 30-60% Played a role in weakening the federal system
Protestant Revolution Change from Catholic Church to ______ Church Martin Luther and John Calvin
Bartolomeu Dias Explorer who sailed around the African Cape of Good Hope
Vasca da Gama The first European explorer to reach India (1498)
Christopher Columbus Italian sailor who worked for the Spanish monarchy Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria 1492
Defeat of the Azetcs (1518-1521) Hernan Cortes (Spanish explorer) Leader of the tribe Montezuma
Defeat of the Incas (1532) Fransisco Pizarro Spanish Explorer South American tribe
Encomienda area that the Spaniards ruled over Monarchy gave them a free hand to run their holdings as long as they produced gold and silver Lead to horrible treatment and torture of the Native Americans
Columbian Exchange Introduction of new products to each side of the Atlantic
Ponce de Leon (1513) Of Spain Discovered St. Augustine Florida which became the first permanently established European Settlement
Joint-Stock Companies Privately funded the early English colonies Formed by a group of english investors hoping to gain profit Granted charters to establish colonies in the New World
Mercantilism Only a limited amount oaf wealth exists in the world Nations increase their power by increasing their share of the world's wealth (Maximize amount of precious metals)
Jamestown Difficulties Not prepared to establish a community, grow crops and sustain themselves Gentlemen not accustomed to manual labor Did not find precious metals or plant crops Food supply diminished quickly 60/500 survived
Starving time Winter 1609-1610 in Jamestown Food supply quickly diminished due to the settlers not planting crops
Jamestown's relation with the local Natives Algonquian-- Chief Powhatan, Father of Pochahontas Initially traded corn -When they could not supply a "sufficient amount," the English raided them Powhatan's people organized an assault on them Foretold future relations with NA's
House of Burgesses (1619) First Representative legislative body in British North America Jamestown All free adult men could vote for representatives King James I revoked the charter in 1624 - Made Virginia a royal colony under a king-appointed governor
Tobacco in the New World First introduced to Europe by Spain in the 1500s Scarce Luxury John Rolfe first planted it in the New World in 1612
Indentured Servitude Potential English immigrant signed a contract to work a certain number of years in the New World (4-7) in exchange for passage Created an underclass of mistreated workers
Maryland First Propriety colony established by G.B. in North America Moving away from Joint-stock companies Proprietor: George Clavert (Lord B_____) -Catholic, wanted a refuge for catholics in the New World
Act of Religious Toleration (1649) Guaranteed rights to Christians of all denominations Maryland
The Carolinas King Charles II For growing/exporting rice mostly N- Economy resembled that of Chesapeake Bay S- Economy resembled that of Barbados 1,000s of slaves given to an elite few
Georgia Last of the original 13 colonies Britain granted charter to James Ogelthorpe in 1732 -Wanted colony for England's "deserving poor"
Puritans John Calvin and Martin Luther Calvinism -individual salvation -value on Community -emphasis on original sin
Pilgrims English separationists Virginia Company Land--Landed on Plymouth Mayflower
Mayflower Compact Orderly government based on the consent of the governed
Massachusetts Bay Colony John Winthrop "Great Migration" of Puritans
New Hampshire Puritans Fishing Villages
Rhode Island Roger WIlliams -Devout Puritan Minister -concerned about the mistreatment of the Natives Separation of Church and state
Anne Hutchinson Deeply religious thinker Banished by John Winthrop
Connecticut Thomas Hooker -less rigorous requirement of bashing membership on living a godly life
Pequot War (1634-1638) Puritans vs. Natives
New Amsterdam ---> New York Founded by the Dutch Henry Hudson appointed by Dutch West India Company
New Jersey Duke of York gave land to his two friends which became this colony
Delaware Founded by the dutch Eventually given to William Penn Broke off from Pennsylvania to become its own independent colony
Pennsylvania King Charles II to William Penn -King owed Penn's father a debt Penn was a devout Quaker
Quakerism Nonhierarchical religion Saw each other as equals Frowned upon slavery
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