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US History FInal 3Q

Strategies for Change

The policy of restricting communism within it's existing borders Containment
Program to assist people in developing nations by sending young volunteers Peace Corps
Goals of the Great Society programs Aid to public education, medical care for older Americans and the elimination of Poverty
Domestic Peace Corps to help underprivileged in neighborhoods VISTA
Offer by the US to help all European countries rebuild after WWII so the could become trading partners Marshall Plan
Plan for United States to give aid to Greece and Turkey after WWII to prevent the spread of communism Truman Doctrine
The goal of the marshall Plan was to: Rebuild the economies of Western Europe to help contain communism
Martin Luther King Jr, influenced by Ghandi, believe in Nonviolent protest
Militant group of blacks who were known for their berets and gun-toting, and for following the saying of "political power comes through the barrell of a gun" Black Panthers
Their goal was to expose discrimination by overloading jails "jail not bail" Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC called snick)
Created by: PLHShistory