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AP US History Unit 6

What were the "Five Civilized Tribes"? The Native Americans that fought with the South against the North because they had a distaste for the government that moved them.
What was more deadly during the Civil War: murder or disease? Disease killed off more soldiers than soldiers did.
When was the Trent Affair? November 8th, 1861
What was the Trent Affair? Charles Wilkes captured two confederate envoys on the British mailship, the Trent. England accused the US of violating British trust.
What was the CSS Alabama? A confederate ship. It attacks many Union and Confederate ships, acting as pirates.
Who was Jefferson Davis? Davis was the president of the Confederate States for three years during the Civil War.
What was the battle of Bull Run / Manassas? Bull Run / Manassas was the first major battle of the Civil War. McDowel fought for the Union, Beauregard for the Confederates; Jackson obtained the name Stonewall Jackson.
Appomattox is..? Where Lee surrended to Grant to end the Civil War.
Antietam? On September 17th, 1862, McClellan mounted an attack on Lee's troops in Maryland. It was considered the "Bloodiest Day" and ended in a tie, that Abe Lincoln later deemed a Union victory.
Who is George McClellan? McClellan was head general of the Union Army (twice). He ran against Abe Lincoln for president in 1864, and was one of the few generals not to return to the South for battle.
What is guerrilla warfare? It is a form of irregular war were armed civilians use military tactics like ambush, sabotage, raids, petty warfare, etc..
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? January 1st, 1863. Abe "freed" the slaves.
What was the 13th Amendment? The amendment to free the slaves.
What was the 14th Amendment? The amendment to make blacks citizens.
What was the 15th Amendment? The amendment that gave black men the right to vote.
What was the siege of Vicksburg? U.S. Grant drove the Confederate soldiers into the fortress city. Pemberton surrendered on the fourth of July; this was the start of "Unconditional Surrender Act" and Unconditional Surrender Grant.
Who was Andrew Johnson? The seventeenth president of the US; successor to Lincoln.
When as Lincoln Assassinated? April 14th, 1865. John Wilkes Booth shot him in the head at Ford's Theater.
What was "Postwar of the South" also called? The Reconstruction Period. Every southern state except for Tennessee became military districts; the southern economy was wrecked, farms were destroyed, and all slaveowners lost their slaves.
What was the Freedman's Bureau? An organization to give relief and care for freed blacks. They gave blacks jobs, food, and hospital care.
What was the Ku Klux Klan? An organization created to scare the blacks out of their newly gained powers.
Who created the Ku Klux Klan? Nathan Bedford Forrest; in Tennessee.
What was another name for the Battle of Lookout Mountain? The battle above the clouds.
What was the Tenure of Office Act? An act that said the senate had to approve the president's cabinet, and if a member wished to leave the cabinet/got fired, the senate had to approve this as well.
What was Seward's Ice Box? The purchase of Alaska, 1867.
Who lead the battle of Fort Sanders? Burnside vs Longstreet; Novemeber 29th, 1863
What was the Anaconda Plan? Windfield Scott emphasized a blockade for the Southern Ports. He wished to suffocate the south, like an anacoda who kill its prey. It also took over the Mississippi.
Where and when was the Battle of Crater? Pittsburg, VA. July 30th, 1864. Lee vs Burnside.
What were Black Codes? In the south, black codes were laws and regulations that meant black people could only have domestic jobs (servants, butlers, waiters), or jobs in agriculture. Some cities wouldn't even allow blacks to enter.
What was the Morrill Act? This Act was passed by the Gov't, stating that the Gov't would give a state Gov't owned land for free, as long as it was used for a good cause, often resulting in schooling.
What was the Homestead Act? The Act passed by the Gov't stating that if citizens went out West and lived on a land for more than 6 months, they would keep the land for free.
What is a carpetbagger? Carpetbaggers were northerners who came to the South to sell goods and make money. It was a derogatory term for "a yankee coming down to take advantage of the south".
What was Johnson impeached? He fired a cabinet member, breaking the Tenure of Office Act.
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