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Great Depression/FDR

Everything FDR did to provide relief, reform, and recovery to Americans

New Deal Created by FDR, was intended for the common man to help themselves. Was introduced to address the failures of Hoover's presidency, which caused the great depression.
Bank Holiday All banks were closed for a week in order prevent more money to be withdrawn.
First 100 Days Congress basically gave FDR a blank check in order to be able to pass any plan that he wanted to pass.
Emergency Banking Relief Act Allowed the President to be able to regulate banking. Was very important during the Great Depression.
Fireside Chats Were radio broadcasts by FDR that got people to trust banks again.
Glass Steagall Banking Reform Act Insured deposits through the FDIC.
CCC(Civilian Conservation Corps) Employed 3 million men to improve public lands.
FERA(Federal Emergency Relief Administration) Gave money to state governments in order to create jobs and give welfare checks.
CWA(Civil Works Administration) was implemented by FERA, was made to create temporary jobs for the jobless.
WPA(Works Progress Administration) Created construction jobs by improving infrastructure.
NRA(National Recovery Administration) Helps industry, labor, and unemployment to recover.
Wagner Act Allowed collective bargaining.
AAA(Agricultural Adjustment Administration) Paid farmers to destroy their crops. Would make crops more valuable, helping farmers.
Frazier-Lemke Farm Bankruptcy Act Would help farmers avoid foreclosure by giving them a 5 year brake on the foreclosure of their farms.
Indian Reorganization Act Removed the Dawes Act, wanted Indians to have stronger political power in their tribes, and to have them keep their traditional ways. Also allowed them to keep tribal lands.
TVA(Tennessee Valley Authority) Was the creation of of a hydro-electric power plant in the extremely poor Tennessee Valley. Provided relief and recovery through jobs being created. The government was able to regulate electricity after this.
FHA(Federal Housing Administration) Gave loans to homebuyers.
Social Security A small amount of money taken out of every paycheck that is paid to retirees.
Fair Labor Standards Act Created a minimum wage and maximum hours.
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