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Social Studies

Epic Long Adventure Poem
Peninsula Land Surrounded on 3 Sides by Water
Colony A Foriegn Settlement
Maritime Sea-Based Culture
Polis City-State
Aristacracy A Form of Government
Sponcer People who payed for various events
Democracy A system of government
Spartan A man trained from a young age for the army
Tyrant Ruler who governs by threat or force
Myth A story told about a god or goddess
Shrine A special site believed to house gods or goddesses
Oracle Prophesies
Tragedy A story were a man or women meets a bad ending
Philosophy A study of human behavior and morals
Siege Train A whole bunch of equiptment used in war
Boys were _______ years old when they begin training for the military 7
________ and __________ were the most important items traded in Greece Olives,Grapes
Name 2 facts about the Athenian assembly 1.There were 500 members 2. They met 40 times a year
What is the Capital city of Greece? Athens
The Iliad and the Odyssey were written by the poet _____? Homer
Macdonians are________? Northern Greeks
After the battle between the Greeks and Darius' troops a soldier ran 26 miles to tell everyone the news. It is believed what present day event started because of this incident? marathon
Name three ways Greek culture played and plays an important part in our culture. drama, math, literature
Who was the archeologist who found Troy in 1871? Henry Schliemann
Where were the first Olympics played? Olympus
Name one of the three famous philosophers. Plato, Socrates, aristotle
What was Archimedes doing when he made his discovery? What did he scream? He was taking a bath then he screamed Eureka I found it.
Who was Zeus? Why was he so important? What happened between him and Athena Zeus as a god He was the main god and Athena was born by popping out his head.
How did the ancient Greeks view their Gods? as human in behavior
What is a myth a story from long ago that explains the beginning of the world
What did Alexander the Great do? Extended the empire to include Southwest Asia and North Africa.
What challenge did Atalanta face? her dad wanted her to get married but she didn't want to
What sort of person was Atalanta? How did the King feel about her? She was bold, stuck on herself and she was headstrong. When she was young the king wanted her to a boy but when she was older he loved her.
Why did Greece's geography affect it negatively and positively? Explain. good because the water helped trade and bad because of the mountains so they couldn't connect to other areas
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