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Art Education

GREENSBORO WOOLWORTH EVENT -African American sitins at a 'whites only' lunch counter
MOTOWN & CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT -Look and sound of civil rights movement
MOTOWN -Motwon Finishing School -Berry Gordy -The Supremes (Dianna Ross) -The Temptations: "My Girl" -The Funk Brothers
BERRY GORDY -Legendary producer -Founder of Motwon -Built on "wall of sound" -Avoided controversy: nothing political until 1960 (Stevie Wonder) -About romance
MOTWON FINISHING SCHOOL -Made crossover appeal -Embodies promise of civil rights movement
BRITISH INVASION -Rolling Stones (bad boys) -The Beatles (good boys) -The Who -Link Wray -The Kinks -Mods -Rockers
ROLLING STONES -Started with skiffle and rockabilly--> Hard Rock and R&B -Marketed as 'bad boys' to counter The Beatles -Manager: Andrew Oldham -Oldham encourages song writing: "I Cant Get No Satisfaction -Topics: Sex, Drugs, Girls
THE BEATLES -Working class -2,3 part harmonies -Good boys
THE WHO -Early R&B -Mod image pushed by manager -Rebellious attitude: "My Generation" -Music as performance art: Destroyed instruments
THE KINKS -Heavier guitar -Messed with speakers and produced a new sound
REBEL ARCHETYPE -Trouble makers -Rebellious
POP ART -About life NOW -Against fine art elitism -Blurred high and low aspects of culture -Products, images as culture icons
ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG -Pop culture materials -Abstract Expressionism
CLAES OLDENBURG -Monuments to the everyday
ANDY WARHOL -Images, films, magazine producer, television producer -Topics: everyday objects cause they're everywhere -Focuses on goods that have become iconic -"Blue Marylin"
THE COUNTERCULTURE OF 1960 -Create alternative middle class (voluntarily poor) -Emphasize personal freedom -Anti-materialists and anti conformists -Organic movement -Oppose Vietnam war
PSYCHEDELIC ROCK -Transform consciousness -Mind expanding drugs only -Just just entertain: but expand the mind
SOUL MUSIC -Few changes despite new Civil Rights laws--> Frustration -Riots: Watts Detriot -Black Power/Pride emerges= Soul music -Closer to the roots -Raw -Stax (White owned) and Atlantic Record Companies promoted soul -James Brown -Aretha Franklin
LED ZEPPELIN -Very influential -Success because all members were top notch -Jimmy Page as producer is key -Power shifts from manager to performers -Lyrics: love, mysticism, sexism, aggression -Raw
AEROSMITH & BLACK SABBATH AEROSMITH -Exemplifies hard rock -Signature riffs -"Train Kept a Rollin" BLACK SABBATH -Rock gets really really heavy -Credited with creating Heavy Metal -Extreme volume, dark subjects, riff-based songs
CONCEPTUAL ART -Wanted to remove elitist focus on art as 'object -Not easily bought/sold -Often questions society and the art world -Questions 'systems': Language Provocative; witty Social structures Who has the power
YOKO ONO -Artist -Musician -Peace activist -Collaborated with John Lennon -"Wish Piece"
JENNY HOLZER -Explores language and public communication using text -Truism
WHAT ARE FEMINISTS -Feminist: a person who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men. -Feminists care about: Equality Body Image Reproductive Issues Social Freedom Sexuality Sexual Harassment Diversity of Women
ROSA BONHUER "The Horse Fair"
GUERILLA GIRLS -Each named after a deceased female artist -Posters, performances, books -Sexism, Racism, Homophobia -"If you can get someone who doesnt agree with you to laugh, you have a hook"
ELENOR ANTIN -Explores history and stereotypes of women -Creates Imaginary narratives: herself as nurse, ballerina, ect. -"Carving: A Traditional Sculpture": series of naked pictures of her -"The King of Solana Beach": dressed as a man and went out into the world
ELENOR ANTIN -Explores history and stereotypes of women -Creates Imaginary narratives: herself as nurse, ballerina, ect. -"Carving: A Traditional Sculpture": series of naked pictures of her -"The King of Solana Beach": dressed as a man and went out into the world
THE MONTEREY POP FESTIVAL -Psychedelic Rock festival -Initially to make money--> non-profit -Political elements -First big exposer for many: Jimi Hendrix Otis Redding Santana
Created by: LDMason
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