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Civil Rights movemen


Eugene "Bull" Connor White man responsible for turning police dogs and fire hoses on black protesters, including children in Birmingham
George Wallace Said "In Alabama, I say, segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!"
James Earl Ray Assassinated Martin Luther King Jr in Memphis
Rosa Parks Former Secretary of the NAACP who refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery school bus launching a new era in civil rights in the south
Malcom X Black Muslim leader who called for a separate black nation and the need for self-defense
Thurgood Marshall Black Lawyer who defended Linda Brown and became a hero when he won the case: also first black appointed to the Supreme Court
Emmett Till Young Black boy from Chicago who was beat to death for saying "Bye Baby"/or whistled to a young white woman in Money, Mississippi
24th Amendment Banned Poll Tax Charge prevented southerners from charging money to vote
James Meredith Fed court orders U Miss to accept him, the school's first black transfer student. Miss. governor and state officials won't let him in. Kennedy sent U.S. marshals to get him into the school. Barnett organized a riot to attack the marshals.
Birmingham MLK moves the new center of protest to Birmingham. Black protests working, police attack protesters.Black residents fight back to defend activists. RFK and SCLC negotiate. Segregationists protest the agreement violently, forcing JFK to send fed troops
Mohandas Gandhi Teacher of non-violent protest methods in India
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