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Histology: Nerves

WVSOM: Nervous Tissue

3 main features of a nueron Cell body (soma), axon, dendrite
What is a Lewey body Brown or yellow inclusions in the soma. Usually a sign of degenerative disease
3 types of nuerons unipolar, multipolar, and pseundounipolar
Location of psuedounipolar dorsal root ganglion, SENSORY
Description/Location of Bipolar 1 dendrite, one axon, used in ganglion for sensroy type signaling, found in Retina
Description/Location of Mulitpolar multiple dendrites feed to a single soma. These make up most nuerons and are found in the endo/excrine system, muscle, and ventral horns MOTOR
What is an ogliodendrocyte found in CNS, responsible for mylenation
Two types of transport in an axon Orthograde (from cell body to nerve endings) or retrograde (from nerve endings to cell body)
What type of transports does rabies utilize Retrograde
what is an astrocyte carry nutrients from cappilaries to the nueron, maintains ionic conditions, are mitotically active and form glial scarsAlso maintain blood brain barrier, and absorb/recycle nuerotransmitters
what is a microglia arise from monocytes, act as a phagocyte to remove waste and debris
What is a Ependymal cell line the brain and spinal cord. Assist in making and moving CSF, produce choroid process
What is a Schwann cell found in PNS, produces mylen and helps in repair after injury
What is a sattelite cell surround cell bodies in ganglia, PNS, regulates 02, CO2 and nutrients
what do schwann cells origniate from nueral crest cells
how do schwann cells mylenate wrap around the axon over and over again to
Name the three layers that make up the divisions of neurons (from outtermost to innermost) Epineurium, Parineurium, and Endoneurium
How many axons can a schwann cell mylenate many
What is a node of Ranvier a gap in the myelination. Has a high concentration of Na+ channels to regenerate the action potential
What are the two types of ganglia Dorsal Root Ganglia and ganglia of cranial nerves
type of tissue that surrounds sensory ganglia dense connective tissue
What are the three types of snesroy receptors in the integument Pacinian corpuscles, Meissners corpuslces, and intrafusal fibers/muscle spindles
Describe Pacini's corpuscles onion shaped, stimulated by pressure, vibration and tension in the deep layer of the skin, finger pads, tendons and ligaments around viscera
Describe Messner's corpuscles fine touch recpetors (mechanoreceptor) in dermis or finger pads. Look like 'tornado' or bee hive. Found in lips, gential skin and eyelids
Describe Intrafusal fibers/muscle spindles made of 3-12 fibers, responsible for contraction, monitor amount and rate of stretch
Cell types responsible for CNS tumors Glial cells
Can nerves in the PNS regenrate YES
what happens when a PNS nueron is cut cell membrane permiability increases, takes on water, nissel bodies disappear, and the end proximal to the nueron undegoes RETROGRADE DEGENERATION
What is it called when a axon in the PNS is cut and looses color chromatolysis
What is Wallerian Degeneration takes place in an axon distal to the cut. Terminal swells, myelen sheath breaks down and macrophages clean it up
Name the cell membrane of the axon axolemma
Name the cytoplasm of the axon axoplasm
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