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independence freedom from being ruled by some else
declaration a statement that declares, or announces an idea
rights freedoms that are protected by a goverments laws
treason the crime of fighting against one owns goverment
who said,"give me liberty, or give me death!" Patrick henry
unalienable rights the rights you were born with
who wsa the author of the declaration of independence thomas jefferson
who was the first to sign the declaration of independence john hancock
loyalist someone who is still loyal to the king
neutral to not take sides
inflation a rise in price of goods
what are several ways that women helped the war effort some women patriots were spies and messengers
why did slaves fight on both sides freedom
who dressed in mens clothing and fought for the patriots for 3 years before being discovered deborah sampson
who wrote poems praiing general washington phillis wheatly
who spent the winter of 1777 at valley forge helping her husband and his men martha washington
retreat to move away from the enemy
mercenary a soldier who is paid to fight for a foreighn country
victory the defeat of an enemy
who said i only regret that i have but one life to lose for my country nathan hale
why was the importance of the battle of trenton gave american soldiers hope
why was the battle of saratoga the turning point of the war it proved that american soldiers could beat a large british army
strategy a plan of action
traitor someone who is not loyal
surrender to give up
benidict arnold he was a traitor
who was frances marion swamp fox
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