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MHOH Finals 3rd Qt.

Modern History of Hawaii Quarter 3 Final Exam

How did Kamehameha control Hawaii after he unified it? - He kept those he didn't trust closer to him - He placed a governor on each island to watch over for him - Had advice from foreigners
The L'Artemise Incident and the outcomes - Catholics had the same privileges as Protestants - $20,000 to set up Catholic churches
What is the Constitution of 1840? - Legislature was divided - Kuhina Nui was introduced - Took away power from the King
What is the Constitution of 1852? - Privvy council was introduced - Took away power from the King
What is the Constitution of 1864? - Abolishment of the Kuhina Nui - Combined the houses - Gave power to the King
What is the Bayonet Constitution? - Gave less power to the King - Cabonet is responsible to the Legislature
List the 5 Kamehameha rulers in order 1. Kamehameha Nui 2. Liholiho 3. Keauikeaoli 4. Alexander Liholiho 5. Lot
Name the two elected rulers and who they ran against Also include the lone female ruler - Lunalilo - Bernice P. Bishop - Queen Lili'okolani
What lead tot he overthrow of the monarchy?
List 3 haole men and their role in the overthrow - John Stevens: Leader of the Committee of Safety - Lorrin Thurston: US minister to Hawaii - Sanford B. Dole: President of Hawaii
The timeline of Hawaii (the changes it went through from the overthrow and after) - January 17, 1893: Overthrow of Hawaii - 1893-1894: Provisional government - July, 1894: Hawaii became a Republic - August 12, 1898: Hawaii becomes a territory
The president of the United States President Cleveland- President McKinley
What is a subsistence economy? When things are only produced and used in order to survive.
What is the division of the ahupua'a? - Mountains - Valley - Shore - Ocean
Created by: asimplelovesong
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