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What Cells to Rickettsia target reticuloendothelial cells Vascular endothelial cells Erythrocytes
What disease does Ricketssia prowazekii cause Typhus
What disease does Ricketssia rikettsii cause Rocky mountain spotted fever
Anaplasma marginale targets what cell RBC
What are the symptoms of Anaplasma marginale sever anemia, depression, inapppetance, fever, dehydration, death
how do you diagnosis Anaplasma marginale Geimsa stain Acridine Orange - parasite lives on edge of RBC
What disease does Neorickettsia helminthoeca cause Salmon poisoning
What disease does Neorickettia risticci cause Potomac Horse fever
What form of Chlamydia is infective the Elementary bodies
What disease does Chlamydia psittaci cause Psittaccosis
What species does Chlamydia psittaci infect green Amazon parrots & Shell parakeets
What are symptoms of Chlamydia psittaci anorexia, green urates, mucopurulant nasal discharge, eyes pasted shut, emaciated & dehydrated
What is the treatment for Chlamydia psittaci Chlorotetracyline
What disease does Bortonella henselae cause Cat Scratch fever
What disease does Moraxella bovis cause Infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis
What causes the onset of the disease with Moraxella bovis solar UV radiation
What predisposes a cow with having disease correlated with Moraxella bovis cattle w/ no pigment around eyelids cattle w/ prominent placed eyes
What are some symptoms of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis Early stage: excessive tear production Later stage: eye becomes cloudy, eye ulcer, ulcer may rupture, low weight gain
What is the correlations with M. bovis and calf/dam if M. bovis is isolated from the calf than it is causing disease If M. bovis is isolated from dam, than it does not mean it is causing disease
How do you treat M. bovis good management practices provide shade dust bags/ insectidies Oxytetracycline
How is Pseduomonas aeruginosa identified it has a green appearance with a "grape" fruity odor when grown at 42c
What diseases does Pseduomonas aeruginosa cause Dairy cows: mastitis Dogs: Suppurative otitis externa Sheep: Green wool Minks/Chinchilla: hemorrhagic pneumonia
What makes Pseduomonas aeruginosa hard to treat? Biofilms
How are biofilms adaptive to bacteria they are antiphagocytic protect them from antimicrobials they mutate at higher frequency --> more genetic diversity--> increase population fitness
How do biofilms effect Animal farming inaccurate antibacterial testing microbes in biofilms are more resistant inaccurate water quality monitoring thick biofilms can block water supply biofilms act as seeding grounds
Why is Pseduomonas aeruginosa resistant to antibiotics it has: multidrug efflux pumps multiple plasmid & chromosomally-encoded antibiotic resistant genes low permeability of the bacterial cellular envelope
Burkolderia pseudomallei causes what disease Melioidosis: associated w/ suppurative or caseous lesions
How do you diagnosis Burkolderia pseudomallei grow on Ashdown's media or PCR
Burkholderia mallei causes what disease Glanders disease
What are the 3 forms of the disease caused by Burkholderia mallei Nasal form Pulmonary form Cutaneous form: "Farcy" causes lymphadenitis & lymphagitis
What is the unifying characteristic of the CMN group? mycolic acid
Mycolic acid confers what? hydrophobicity resistance to acid & alkali resistance to humoral defense mechanisms resistance to common antibacterial treatments
Mycobacterium characterisitics acid fast phenotype grow on middlebrooks' media and Lowenstein-Jensen media Can be enriched w/ a 1:1000 bleach & 2%NaOH solution
How do Mycobacterium tuberculosis granulomas form The bacteria resists destruction inside a macrophage. More macrophages are attracted to the area and the bacteria lysis the mac and invades other cells, greating a granuloma where dead/inactivated cells are in the center and active cells are surrounding
What disease does Mycobacterium bovis cause Bovine tuberculosis
Mycobacterium avium causes Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis complex (MAP) Disease: Johne's Disease
What are the clinical signs of Mycobacterium avium illeum & colon involved Corrugated and thickened mucous membranes
Corynebacterium are easily identified by: old cells store inorganic phosphate and have metachromatic granules Cell morphology "palisades" (picket fence), Chinese letters
Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis causes: caseous lymphadenitis
Cornebacterium renale cause Posthitis (pizzle rot) Pyelonephritis UTI
Cornebacterium renale pathogenensis is: urease is produced --> ammonia is produced which irritates prepuce allowing bacteria to invade
Rhodococcus equi causes clinical disease in foals how old 4-12 weeks of age
Rhodococcus equi can cause a secondary disease called: enteritis a sequally to foal pneumonia
Rhodococcus equi causes: foal pneumonia
Listeria causes 4 types of listeriosis what are they: Intestinal Visceral :septicemic Abortive Neural: "Circling Disease" - menigoencephalitis
What are some clinical signs for Neural Listeriosis circling, seizures, facial nerve paralsis, ear drop, salivation, lock jaw, impaired swelling, death
What are the stages of infection for Listeria Internalization: induce phagocytosis Escape from phagolysosme Nucleation of actin filiments: moves to cell membrane Cell-to-cell spread: invades other cells through pseudopod-like projections Membrane vacuoles: lyse cell membrane releasing bacteria
Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae causes what disease Dimond skin disease in pigs
Aerotolerant anaerobes means what can grow with or without oxygen
obligate anaerobe means what lack superoxide dismutase, catalase, and peroxidase cant grow in presence of oxygen
When culturing anaerobes what needs to be incorporated in the media? reducing agents
Healthy tissue Eh value is what? ~+150mvolts
Anaerobosis takes place when tissue Eh decreases. What can cause this to occur. loss of vascular supply Trauma, foreign bodies, pressure from casts acid production by aerobes or facultative anaerobes tissue necrosis from trauma, infection or surgical manipulation
Clostridum chauvoei causes what disease Black leg disease
Clostridum septicum causes: Malignant edema
Clostridum hemolyticum causes: Red water disease -hemoglobinuria
Clostridum novyi causes: Gas gangrene Black disease
Clostridum piliforme causes: Tyzzer's disease Necrotizing hepatitis Hemorrhagic enteritis
Clostridum perfringens causes Yellow lamb disease- Purple Gut Lamb dysentery Hemorrhagic & necrotic enteritis Pulpy Kidney Disease "overeating disease"
Clostridium tetani acts by: blocking the release of GABA/glycine leading to dangerous over activity in the muscles
Clostridium botulinium acts by binding to receptors at neuromecular junctions--> muscles fail to contract --> flaccid paralysis
Fusobacterium necrophorum causes Necrobacillosis: necrosis, abscess formation, and putrid odor Calf diptheria Foot rot
Bacteroides nodosus causes contagious foot rot as secondary invader w/ F. necrophorum
Bacteroides melaniogenicus causes Foot rot w/ F. necrophorum
Bacillus cereus causes gangrnous mastitis Food posioning: Emetic & Diarrheal form
Bacillus anthracis has 3 forms Peracute, acute, chronic
what are the virulance factsors of Bacillus anthracis Edema factor Protective Antigen Lethal Factor
Actinomyces bovis causes Lumpy Jaw disease
Aranobacterium pyogenes causes Heal abscess in sheep w/ F. necrophorum
Dermatophilus congolensis causes Dermatophilosis
Haenophilus paragallinarum Fowl coryza
Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia Sudden death of swine
Actinobacillus lignieresii Wooden tongue
Campylobacter fetus venerealis tissue tropism in repro tract
Clostridium novyi Black Disease & gas gangrene
Francisella tularensis Tularemia
Clostridium piliforme Tyzzer's Disease
Pseudomonas aeruginosa Necrotic Pneumonia
Burkholderia mallei Glander's
Clostridium tetani/botulinum Tetanus/ Botulism
Campylobacter fetus fetus Tissue tropism in intestinal tract
Clostridium speticum Malignant edema
Camplyobacter jejuni Food bourne enteritis
Haemophilus somni Thromboembolic Menigoencephalitis
Actinobacillus equuli Purulent joint and kidney abscess
Lawsonia interacellularis Porcine Proliferative enteritis
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