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APUSH Unit 8 Vocab

Quota System an arrangement placing a limit on the number of immigrants from each country
Bank Runs Banks could no longer meet the demands of their depositors. People rushed to withdraw money at the same time, since they were losing confidence in the banking system.This accounted for a shrinking money supply, as circulation of currency slowed.
Noble Experiment A derisive name given to the prohibition movement, which called attention to the unlikelihood of its success.
The Jazz Singer 1927 - The first movie with sound; this "talkie" was about the life of famous jazz singer; Al Jolson.
Second New Deal the term used by commentators at the time and historians ever since to characterize the second stage of the New Deal programs of President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Schechter vs. U.S. Supreme court decision declaring the NRA unconstitutional because it regulated companies not involved in interstate commerce.
Marcus Garvey leader of the UNIA, urged blacks to return to Africa because, he reasoned, blacks would never be treated justly in countries ruled by whites
Emergency Banking Act gave the federal government broad power to help reopen the nation's banks
Beer-Wine Revenue Act legalized the sale of beer and wine
Civilian Conservation Corp provided work for 250,000 young men
Federal Emergency Relief Act granted money to states for relief projects to help the unemployed
Agricultural Adjustment Act set prices for farm crops while trying to reduce overproduction
Tennessee Valley Authority funded construction of flood control dams and power plants in Tennessee Valley states
Federal Security Act regulated sales of stocks and bonds
Home Owner's Refinancing Act provided aid to families in danger of losing their homes
Public Works Administration to supervise building projects
National Recovery Administration to encourage fair business practices
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insured depositors from losses when banks failed
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