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Antebellum America

Slave State A state that allows and supports slavery
Free State a state that does not allow or support slavery
States' Rights the idea that if a state disagrees with national laws, It's ideas take dominance
Missouri Compromise When Missouri was taken as a slave state and Maine was taken as a free state
Underground Railroad a series of routes from the south to the north that slaves excaped on to become free
Compromise of 1850 california was a free state, slavery was given up in DC, and other states got to choose for themselves
Popular Sovrienty when citizens get to vote to decide on an issue
insurrection an act of rebellion against authority
treason trying to overthrow the government by force
martyr someone who dies trying to protect their beliefs
confederate states of america the 11 states that seceded from the union
secede to formally leave a group
platform the principles of a person or group
moderate someone who does not have extreme views in politics
mandate a command given by somenoe in authority
agrarian something that relates to agriculture
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